A List of Farewells…

Many of the principals we have come to love and adore, or have forgotten about have announced their retirements this year. This morning, Carla Korbes announced her retirement from PNB. Her stunning career has been plagued with injuries, but her collaborations with Peter Boal have definitely paid off, and have have been celebrated.

Other principals to retire are NYCB’s beloved Wendy Whelan, and ABT’s Paloma Herrera both set to retire in October. Julie Kent is going to be retiring in the Spring Season. There are plenty of others who should retire, haha, but that is neither here nor there. The point is that these three women have made huge contributions to the world of ballet, and as they leave, they are making room for a stunning new set of leading ladies to take center stage.

4 thoughts on “A List of Farewells…

  1. Susie says:

    So sad about Carla Korbes! Breaks my heart but I wish the best for her in her future endeavors. Sad about Paloma Herrera and Carlos Acosta too, but their retirements are less shocking (and not at all surprised about Wendy Whelan).


  2. Feeling Famous says:

    Every principal has their season. I feel grateful to have seen these dynamic women on stage in person over the years. Luckily their works are now preserved digitally for future fans to enjoy, and that is a wonderful thing.


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