If I were in the corps at ABT, I would be pissed too

Congrats to the Misty Copeland and Stella Abrera as they both were promoted to principal…
Respectively, each one of is the first of their ethnicity to achieve such status at American Ballet Theatre…

Now… If I was a guy at ABT I would be pissed as an outside principal was hired, and an outside soloist… Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Cirio, but the if I was the corps at ABT I would be irritated… But if I was a girl at ABT… I would be beyond pissed…. Hiring Maria, really? She needs two contracts? ABT has tons of beautiful women in the corps and soloists who could have been promoted up…. Really?! SMH… No offense to Kevin but I feel like wtf… there are so many prize winners, gorgeous artists, gorgeous body types, and more sitting in the corps and soloists…  Whatever… spend your money how you see fit… And yes, she is super popular and will sell tickets but it took Kevin for the entire world to demand Misty’s promotion… Like seriously… you aren’t the brightest. #overit

2 Replies to “If I were in the corps at ABT, I would be pissed too”

    1. She will be keeping her contract at SFB because the two seasons don’t overlap. ABT is a touring company, and SFB’s season isn’t as demanding as say NYCB or ABTs… She has always done a lot of guest work and galas, but now she will split her time between NYC and SFB…

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