I don’t know who Joanne Cowley is… or how she got away with it… so enjoy while you can…

With debut performances by leads Tiler Peck, Amar Ramasar and Lauren King. Performance February 17, 2016.

Cast has leads Sara Mearns, Ask la Cour and Savannah Lowery. Performed 2/16/16

Most of Peter Martins’ staging of La Sylphide with cast:
The Sylph: Tiler Peck
James: Andrew Veyette
Madge Gwyneth Muller
Effie: Lauren King
Gurn: Troy Schumacher
James Mother: Marika Anderson
performed the evening of 2/14/16.

1.Megan Le Crone, Cameron Dieck
2. Lauren King, Daniel Appelbaum
3. Ashley Laracey, Justin Peck

Melancholic: Anthony Huxley
Sanguinic: Ana Sophia Scheller, Jared Angle
Phlegmatic: Ask la Cour
Choleric: Teresa Reichlen

Published on Feb 13, 2016

First movement recorded 2/7/16. The remainder recorded 2/3/16. The leads are Tiler Peck and Andrew Veyette of NYCB.

Published on Jan 31, 2016

First 3 movements performed 1/26/16. Fourth movement and finale performed 1/20/16. Cast:
1st movement: Megan Fairchild, Gonzalo Garcia
2nd movment: Theresa Reichlen, Tyler Angle
3rd movement: Erica Pereira, Antonio Carmena
4th movment: Brittany Pollack, Taylor Stanley



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