5 Questions you all have been asking…

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You might not like me, you might not like what I have to say, in fact, you just might not care for what I say or how I say it… But the reality is… My blog is kind of a guilty pleasure for a lot of you. And that’s okay, no tea, no shade… Okay, who are we kidding there is a lot of tea and shade on this blog…. So, I will now nicely answer the five most asked questions to me:

1. Why do I hate Royal Ballet and RAD and take jabs at them whenever I have a chance?
Well, it has nothing to do with the dancers. It has to do with the politics of the Royal Ballet and Opera House. First off, Royal Ballet is home to technical powerhouses, their company is filled with the top winners of ballet competitions all over the world, they probably have more funds than most international companies, they have one of the best places to dance in the world…. Admiration all the way around… but the politics portrayed by the Royal Ballet’s actions irk me. Well, the politics of most ballet companies irk me.
To answer my RAD fans out there, RAD is not associated with the Royal Ballet School… I don’t know how it is in Europe, but in the US, RAD is used as a money maker. It is a way for studios/teachers to be certified in a teaching technique (it is the only methodology that lets you get a certificate). It basically makes you sound better than you really are, and a lot of teachers who hold the RAD credential shouldn’t be teaching ballet to begin with…. *side eye* Like what professional school associated with a company says: RAD METHOD….  I am sure there are….

2. Why am I such a fan of Balanchine and NYCB?
Who isn’t? Just kidding. Balanchine ballet isn’t classical ballet, at all. The vocabulary is the same but it is not classical ballet. I am pretty sure I have said that many times. It isn’t a technique either, it is an aesthetic. A look, a feel and a style… I admire the way NYCB uses the Balanchine technique to attack music, to attack the ballet steps and translate them onto their bodies. I also admire, that NYCB is made up of very different body types despite popular belief. I also believe that NYCB, like Balanchine was, is the innovators of ballet; not dance as a whole, just ballet. I think that what City Ballet is doing and how they are creating a new space, new vocabulary, new approach to music is the future of ballet… Finally, I do believe that Balanchine is the hand of God. Ask my students. Haha, I believe that the Balanchine works created an opportunity for dancers to move to music, to be something other than a princess, fairy or sylph. They got to be themselves.

3. Why are you so scatterbrained? (And other words that are not appropriate for blogging…)
Well, I work at a fashion magazine, and then own an aesthetic firm, PR company, freelance fashion design and consulting, volunteer at a pet hospital, have started my own ballet company and school, have this blog and another successful gay blog, have a pretty demanding social life, and trying to date all at the same time. Oh and now I have the demand for doodles. And I have to run my household… Then again who has to grocery shop now that there are apps for that.

4. How come your blog is more ranting than educational?
Well, I started the blog with educational posts, and they don’t do well…. And, as therapeutic as this blog is, it has to be successful…. And my rants and snarky commentary do well…. Posts that are snarky and witty, you all share…. Whether it is bashing me, correcting me, laughing with me, or just because I might be right…. You share them.
I am currently working on a video series of proper ballet techniques… But that takes time and money and I am slowly working on it…. And I have been trying to be more educational … my biscuity feet post was pretty educational if you ask me.

5. I should be more censored, politically correct, and unbiased….
Ummm no…. That is the purpose of a blog versus a newspaper. The problem with ballet, the construct of ballet is that people aren’t more honest… The ballet world should just be frank because in the classroom teachers are quite frank. You have people at CPYB calling you “oriental”
and “ethnic”. You have dance teachers around the world calling their students “fat, untalented, turned in, and mediocre”…. The list goes on and on… If ballet directors were honest about casting and just flat out told why, or school directors just said why you didn’t get in…. It would be a lot easier… Like if SAB just told you- you don’t have turnout instead of writing you this polite letter… You could spend the next year of your life busting your butt to turn out… literally. Haha.

And finally, if you have a question just email me: aballeteducation@gmail.com
Don’t be shady and post my blog on facebook with some random rant…. The power of having a PR firm and Social Media company is that I get to monitor my blog…
If you have some ballet shade, or tips, or something to say, just email it to me, and I will repost it… Seriously. I will. It is like gossip girl, but for ballet… Hahaha xoxo,

3 responses to “5 Questions you all have been asking…”

  1. LOL to the people who say you should be politically correct!

    Also if it was a British teacher who called you “oriental” that is actually an acceptable term in the UK. “Oriental” in the UK is equivalent to “Asian” in the US. In the UK, “Asian” means Indian. Though if it was not a British teacher then forget everything I just said haha