5 reasons to subscribe…

5 reasons to subscribe

5 reasons to subscribe to a Ballet Education’s Magazine….

  1. Super Strong Content in the same tone as the blog… there is also going to be something in the magazine for everyone: students, parents, teachers, and professionals.
  2. You are actually supporting the arts, because I will eventually need to pay everyone from photographers, models/dancers, to editors, graphic designers etc…
  3. Changing the face and landscape of the current world of ballet… You are actually helping the change by listening to what our writers have to say… And it is building up the next generation of dancers…
  4. Making ballet dreams come true… A portion of all the subscriptions is going into the ballet scholarship fund.
  5. And this is selfish, but it is the truth, by subscribing you are helping me grow as a business and brand.

We are gearing up with 30 days to go till our first publication comes out! The entire team is super excited and ferociously working hard to make sure everything goes out on schedule. I have finally picked our cover which I am pleased to release right now, I hope it gets you all as excited as I am. CJ is working hard with advertisers to get good deals for you as well! Edgar is hustling at the warehouse trying to catch up on orders from the recent mishaps at the studio… If you haven’t been following we have had a small fire, me ordering wrong, and then our packing materials getting delayed… Emily is working super hard in producing our next big editorial which is a huge collaboration that will be happening on Monday! Jacquelyn is busy writing and curating our database! I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off… but everything is getting done! I Promise! If there are delays with product orders I am really sorry-

In other news… I am excited to give our official first cover featuring Allynne Noelle, photographed by Alexandra Rose!


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