5 things we learned from Center Stage

1. Jodi Sawyer. What we felt like in ballet class. 

“You need to concentrate on your turn out… from the hip.”
“Turn out Jodi, from the hips.”

“Late out of that turn Jodi, you are trying too hard.”

With our awful turn out, and okay feet, but our passion, we could equate ourselves to Margot Fonteyn and still get a job.


2. Eva Rodriguez. We all wanted to be Eva Rodriguez, that bad ass ballerina who gives awesome motivational speeches. In reality we were all probably Maureen, complete bun heads. With her witty one liners, and ferocious gum swallowing, we all wanted to be that girl.


3. Maureen.  Is that what people really thought of us behind our backs? We also learned anorexia isn’t cute, so you should just go to college instead.

4. Emily. “Her pas de deux partner is going to need a crane.” and Anna. “It’s Gelsey Kirkland’s old part.” We learned don’t take the fruit tart from the cater waiter, and preppy girls get cast.

5. Not all boys in ballet are gay, even if they look it. And those who are, happen to be fabulous and have stage names.


Jazz class makes you feel better when you are lost in life, plus it is overly sexualized and you will meet a cute guy.

Julie Kent seems to be in every ballet movie. She can also spot front (coda in stars and stripes).

Janie Taylor on camera is gorgeous. 

Half of SAB/NYCB was used as fillers… 

Ethan Stiefel is really skinny.

Stab at Darci Kistler…. a prima marrying the artistic director.

Let go of your center in renversé.

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