A Ballet Education 2023

It isn’t a secret that the world is constantly changing, and the world of ballet is also changing. Because of this, we constantly have to be striving to improve ourselves and improve our businesses. With everyone talking about a recession and with the economy being so unstable, studio owners are constantly fearing how they are going to stay open. There are numerous ways they have been compensating based on various different models. Some are packing classes with more students and cutting the hours, others are lowering their prices to get more students in the door, others are nickel and diming their current customers. I know, it’s a lot going on.

Now, I know it seems hypocritical that I say this as I have launched my subscribers only content on Instagram and my Apple Podcast, but I am going to explain my reasonings behind them. The subscribers only content on instagram is actually dedicated towards teachers. In the subscribers content I post ballet class combos and tutorials of how I personally conduct things, and how I use the A Ballet Education curriculum. The Apple Podcast is there for parents looking for answers, and just general conversation about how I see things unfolding in the ballet world. Both of these revenue avenues are there for me to help keep the majority of my content free. And yes, I have the Ballet Planner, but those funds go towards scholarships and financial aid that A Ballet Education offers. And yes, I also own The Ballet Clinic, a school that accepts all body types and works hard to deliver clear training, guidance, and mentorship to those who need it, and would like to train under me.

Now, where does this leave A Ballet Education? It has evolved from a blog, to a magazine, to a e-zine and now it will evolve into a consulting firm. A Ballet Education will now be a resource for dance teachers, parents, and dancers to use to consult, contract their marketing, PR, social media content, graphic design, development, and more. Over the years, I have done this on the side with ballet clients all over the world including American Ballet Theatre (artwork), Youth America Grand Prix (artwork & consulting), European School of Ballet (consulting), Master Ballet Academy/ Phoenix Ballet (executive director), Cary Ballet (development and consulting), Debbie Allen (executive planning), Suzanne Farrell (artwork), Burbank Dance Academy (executive planning, website design), South Mountain Performing Arts (social media and website), and many others. I’m excited to be moving forward as a consultant, and hope you choose to stay along this journey.

If you are interested in becoming a client, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for all of your support the last 9 years, and thank you for continuing to trust me.