A Ballet Education Expanding

Hello Readers,

A Ballet Education is getting enormous amounts of subscribers, and don’t get me wrong; I am super grateful for the support. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up the workload between running Redlands Dance Theatre, and trying to open up a school.

Even though the blog is big, I am currently looking for people to work for the blog. Specifically in sales and marketing, as I would like to pay people and need to generate income. Ideally, I want to create a sponsors list and have advertisers on the site. With this being said, I don’t have the time to do this all, as we know I dictate to SIRI in the car on my commute to work to even post. I am also looking for someone who is familiar with wordpress web building.

I really do want to make this blog better… and yes that includes the grammar. Lol. Sorry again. I have tried to be better in editing before I post. Thanks again.


(photo from behance.net of National Ballet of Canada pop up ad)