A Ballet LookBook: Profile Joshua O’Connor

Style is such an important part of the human experience. Clothing is the art we wear and if ballet is a part of who you are, then dance wear is, too. As the dance industry has continued to grow, we have seen dance wear evolve. We now have dance wear that is as beautiful and diverse as the dancers who wear it. 

This LookBook series chronicles dancers we love in the dance wear they love. 

A Ballet Magazine met up with Cary Ballet’s Joshua O’connor on a sunny morning in the West End of Pittsburgh at the beautiful Studio 436, which is the home studio of photographer Elizabeth Craig. Joshua and his mother were let into the studio by the studio owner and waited patiently as we arrived late. 

We were both in Pittsburgh for the regional Youth American Grand Prix competition. Joshua had gotten in the day before and had made time for us to shoot prior to competing. I could hear Joshua and his mother in the studio warming up as I walked up the stairs. I was so embarrassed at being late, but was met with such kindness and excitement from Joshua. He was all smiles and jovial laughter that billowed in the intimate studio space. 

Light filled the room as he began taking out his tights options. I had asked him to bring tights that were bright and reminded him of spring.  I always ask the dancers I work with what music they would like to listen to while we shoot. He delightfully chose 80’s pop classics. The shoot was filled with air guitar, lip singing, really singing and beautiful movement. 

These looks are a collection of Joshua’s bright and vibrant spirit.

Tights: Yumiko | MStevens | Wear NM

Shoes: So Danca

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