A Ballet LookBook: Profile of Clara Thiele

Style is such an important part of the human experience. Clothing is the art we wear and if ballet is a part of who you are, then dance wear is, too. As the dance industry has continued to grow, we have seen dance wear evolve. We now have dance wear that is as beautiful and diverse as the dancers who wear it. 

This LookBook series chronicles dancers we love in the dance wear they love. 

A Ballet Magazine met up with Draper Center for Dance’s Clara Thiele in the East End of Pittsburgh on an overcast afternoon. I arrived at the beautiful Sunlight Studio previous to Ms. Thiele who was traveling early that morning from Rochester. When I opened the door to Clara and her mother I was met by Clara’s graceful presence. She was very polite and wanted to be as helpful as possible. A Ballet Magazine was thrilled that Clara had agreed to meet upon her arrival in Pittsburgh for the regional Youth American Grand Prix competition. 

Inside the studio she began to unpack her leotards and costuming as we chatted about their drive in. She had come in a day early before she was set to compete and came straight to our shoot.  We began looking through the beautiful leotard selection she had brought to begin to put together her looks. I had asked her to bring dance wear that reminded her of spring. 

We marveled at the barn doors that were on this second floor studio. They were real barn doors that opened straight to the street were held together with a lock. As we laughed over this I asked her what music she would like to listen to while we shoot. She quietly replied,  Arianna Grande. The shoot was filled with the soft hum of Arianna as Clara exuded her poise. She was strong and yet so delicate. Every pose she moved through with the maturity of a seasoned professional. 

These looks are a collection of Clara’s calm and fearless presence.

Leotard Brands: Ainsliewear | Wea Moi | Yumiko

Skirt: Bullet Pointe

Shoes: Gaynor Minden

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