A Day at Lincoln Center…

There is nothing more beautiful, more peaceful, and more exciting than waking up early and having a cup of coffee in front of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. This center might just be the center of ballet or even the center of the arts itself. Home to New York City Ballet, the School of American Ballet, the Juilliard School, The Metropolitan Opera, and The New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Offering a residency to American Ballet Theatre and hosting legendary names like Phillip Glass, Kirov, Bolshoi, La Scala, Barbra Streisand and more, this has become the epicenter of arts for America, and possibly the world. While covering the Youth America Grand Prix, I was lucky enough to call Lincoln Center home for a week. Waking up every day and walking out of my hotel and into the center was quite spectacular and quite inspiring. So here, are some of my collected thoughts while in the Big Apple, mostly scribbled in my notebook.


the met
photo by me.


The privilege of ballet is exhausting. To be a part of this world is difficult. It takes the right body type, years upon years of impeccable training, thousands upon thousands of dollars and being in the right place at the right time. To be a balletomane, it is expensive as well, and to get dressed every night is exhausting. Every night a different outfit, fixing your face and hair, shining your shoes… It becomes exhausting. Talking to people and shaking hands and mingling, it can be overwhelming, especially if you have fangirl moments.

Most Artistic Directors… well they might be the reason ballet is dying… While ballet is based on decades of tradition, those traditions are failing the art form. Very few companies and institutions are embracing the future. Three cheers to those who are curating works and programs that speak the truth. Most recently, Misty Copeland for Dance Across America featuring Complexions, the Black Iris Project, and Nashville Ballet.

I am really uncomfortable around people. As much as I am extrovert, I am also very introverted, and when put around thousands upon thousand of people, I have a tendency to collapse. If it wasn’t for my friend Lacey, I don’t think I would have made it through the YAGP. I don’t like being in uncomfortable situations, and definitely, need to get better at it.

This next generation of ballet dancers truly understands the power of social media and innovation. Surrounded by dancers, energetic dancers is inspiring. All of these kids dancing around the fountain waiting to be let into Lincoln Center were the most adorable thing. It is a great responsibility to protect the next generation of dancers, and that responsibility was once the directors of ballet companies. Now it is the responsibility of all, including myself. It is the next age of ballet, and we have already entered it.

New York City is where I want to be. The energy of Lincoln Center was so inspiring, that it might be time to head back to NYC. After fashion, I told myself I would never go back there, but this blog might be my calling and my purpose in life. If I truly want this blog to work, if I truly want to make the blog successful, then NYC might be my next home.

7 responses to “A Day at Lincoln Center…”

  1. Well done! You nailed it when you wrote “This center might just be the center of ballet or even the center of the arts itself.” Great blog as usual!

  2. We get epiphanies for a reason. Go for it if that’s what your heart longs for. Great blog as always.

  3. I am a dance mum in Sydney, Australia, who follows your blog, subscribed to your mag & bought a Guide. I waited patiently/loyally through your other work dramas. You have a unique voice, you have an audience (reach and resonance), you have the network …and punters prepared to pay! I imagine the alternative – of not going for it – is becoming unthinkable.

    Please keep the content global. I don’t know if your location has to be NYC. Remember, you may be away a lot. Time to work out the scheduling and funding for those overseas trips! xxx