A Deep Sincere Apology

A Ballet Education has huge things going on right now and it is causing a lot of confusion and frustration with a lot of you… Additionally, there has been a lot of confusion in general… A Ballet Education’s store has been slowly being moved from our current host and moved onto the millennial artists powerhouse platform Redbubble. This has caused a huge backup, and dialogue problem with a lot of orders. Because of the launch of the magazine we are having to move most of a Ballet Education off of word press onto a server that works independently and cohesively with the new magazine software. Secondly, because we are switching the email servers to google business apps there has been a huge miscommunication via emails. Thirdly, there has just been a very big miscommunication between myself and Edgar as this past month I have been teaching at summer programs, and he has been alone in the warehouse… Because of this, huge mistakes were made in a lot of pre-orders of posters, and for that, I am extremely sorry.

Additionally, 14 orders have apparently gone missing. Between the orders, Edgar dropped off 10 of them, and I personally dropped off the other 4. They apparently have gone missing and this has caused a huge problem. First off, for those of you who have reported my store to Paypal as a scam, or that I am taking advantage of my customers, I am sorry you feel that way. But because of this, my store is being suspended from PayPal’s services. So, because of that, my products will no longer be available to the public and only available to retailers with an authorized resale license. Because of this huge confusion, I have made the decision to reformat the blog to only the magazine. For those of you have already subscribed, you will have complete access to the blog’s former posts and the magazines as of August 15, 2016 when we launch. Everyone else who has not subscribed to the digital magazine, you will only have access to the magazine upon the launch date. Sorry for the inconvenience-

I also want to apologize because I have been putting my own personal life ahead of a Ballet Education as I prepare to move to Chicago in three weeks, and because of that, the blog has also been suffering. It has definitely been extremely difficult, because as much help as there is pulling this magazine together we are still coming up short in terms of editorial manpower. We are short financially, and editorially (ie: wardrobe, photographers, writers), so that has been a really big struggle.

Another facet, because a Ballet Education is growing at such a fast rate, I am actually looking for an investor, or to sell a Ballet Education because of the demand. It has been extremely hard to manage everything that is so involved with a Ballet Education (the books, the magazine, the illustrations, the teaching/coaching, etc).

One response to “A Deep Sincere Apology”

  1. Hi, David —
    I’m a ballet dancer in the Cleveland area…teach, perform, and choreograph. I’ve really been enjoying the Ballet Education posts, particularly about technique. Of course, when at age 10 you thought that “efface” meaning “shaded” and “ecarte” meaning “thrown open” were just fascinating…well, you know you’re headed for ballet geekdom! Seriously, I think your posts provide a great professional service.
    Every new business has problems, and it sounds as if you’re sorting yours out. I ordered a “Jewels” mug in the spring and it came without a hitch. You’re clearly very talented on a number of fronts…dancer, teacher, artist. I’m a writer and a painter as well as a dancer, and since those are also part of my income, I understand the juggling act. So just know there’s a vote of confidence out here from someone you don’t know but who understands the difficulties. Good luck with it all. Btw, my husband and I just visited Chicago last week…lived there as a very young child and have never stopped loving that city.

    Take care, Elaine Dowling