Your life becomes so chaotic you don’t even know what day it is. Today is my first day off in a while, that didn’t revolve around trying to get my life together. If you didn’t know, I took a job at a visual and performing arts school in Arizona… and well… it was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be energetic and exciting, but instead it has become stressful and exhausting. So stressful, and so exhausting that I couldn’t even fly home to see my family. Which is probably for the best, as during the Nutcracker run, a roll of marly fell started to tip and my dumb ass decided to try to catch it, knocking me over… Throwing out my back, cracking a tooth, and breaking my phone, all in one swoop.

My days used to be filled with elegant fashion parties, exotic runway shows, drinks with friends, way overpriced dinners, drawing and blogging all day… Now my days are running around solving financial problems, school admin work, parents, board members, and children stopping me in the hallway asking the most random questions. I haven’t talked to my best friend in two months. I don’t think I have seen anyone outside of my job in 3 months, and most of all… I miss blogging, writing and drawing. Not to mention since moving to Arizona every bug known to human kind has bitten me, a scorpion found its way into my apartment when I first got here, and I dropped a box of very expensive glassware while walking up the flights of stairs to get to my place… Note- this scorpion had to go up an entire story…

So, sorry for all of the crazy delays, I know that this Christmas has become the most incredibly difficult season. This year, basically took a dump on everything… Like no joke, 2016 was a pretty crappy year for humanity… It is kind of depressing. This new year is going to be great though. After a long anticipation, the second issue is going to be coming out shortly! So incredibly sorry for the delays my life literally has been a shit storm.

But as the year ends here is what I am thankful for:

this blog

ballets slow progression to something better

the followers who have not crucified me for taking a job and becoming devoured by it

my family

my friends who still try to check up on me in this chaos

and most of all ballet.


a Ballet Education

3 responses to “A LONG YEAR.”

  1. Wow, so seriously disappointing. I honor you for giving 3,000% that you do. I, for one know you have changed my “Bunhead’s” life, her world is extremely better, that means the world to us, her parents! We’d be in a horrible position, if not for you! You’ve given us serious pride & endless Joy!! Selfishly, I m hoping you carry on in spite of it all!! We are in a better place due to all your devotion, dedication, problem solving & sparkily world of crystals!! Hoping a speedy recovery!