A Ballet Education is a blog dedicated to educate people about ballet. No, I am not just talking about going to the ballet, or when it is appropriate to applause. This is more about the happenings, the understandings and the reasonings behind ballet. Whether you are going to the ballet for the first time, or you are parent looking into ballet for your child… This is a great starting point. This isn’t just a gay man ranting and raving about people, but there will be a lot of that. A Ballet Education is truly about educating readers about things that actually matter in the “ballet world.”

I should introduce myself. My name is David (personal site), and I LOVE BALLET. No, I am not some crazed fan, or gay man with some over the top extravagant lifestyle. In fact, I do have some legitimacy here. I grew up dancing ballet, and not just at a some dolly dinkle studio in podunk America. I actually went through the entire ballet process, and become a professional ballet dancer. In addition, I have taught ballet, and other genres of dance on many different levels across the United States. Finally, my entire curriculum for teaching is based off Cassa Pancho’s All Things Black and Beautiful and the Balanchine Aesthetic. Though I understand, know and love other pedagogies, the Balanchine Aesthetic is just my personal favorite, and it makes sense for a lot of different reasons. (Soon to be Balanchine post) 

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And Thank You to everyone who has supported this blog.

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7 responses to “About”

  1. Thank you so much for creating this BALLET Education blog David. Being able to compare international Ballet Companies, their productions, not just in the U.S. but also in Europe, latin America and Asia is no mean feat. The information you’ve put out here is invaluable.

    We in the Philippines would love for you to see our companies here Ballet Manila & Ballet Philippines. thank you for the shout out in your BEST OF THE BEST story. ABT soloist Stella Abrera had a very memorable performance here in Manila with James Whiteside. here’s a link to my photos/article: http://judebgallery.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/miracle-in-ballet-philippines-giselle/

  2. Hi David,
    What a nice blog you have here! I know that you get to enjoy Boston Ballet (and particularly their lovely ladies!) quite often, but I was wondering, do you ever make it to Rhode Island? It’s a short ride down from Bean Town and Festival Ballet Providence is a pretty incredible company of unsung talents, as well a few lovely ladies of our own 😉
    If you are interested, please do let me know. I would be happy to comp you some tickets.


    • Hello there, next time I am in your area I will let you know! It’s one of many reasons I started my gofundme project! I would like to see smaller companies in the US and help them gain exposure. When I am in your area I hope to see you dance. And I enjoy your blog!

  3. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and after a bit of perusing it I realized, “Hey! I know you!” I believe our lives crossed paths for a brief time during our years at CPYB. I LOVE what you’re doing here with this website, and am so happy to see all where life has taken you! It is a stylish clean blog with an infusion of your fun personality and Your articles provide a wealth of interesting information to dancers and none dancers alike! I will be returning to your blog, sure thing! 😉 Happy Blogging and Best of Luck!

  4. I have really enjoyed looking through you blog this morning! It is nice to see someone trying to educate people on our world. As a dancer too, I am have also just started a blog trying to educate people on the lifestyle of a dancer in my own little way. Thank you for the inspiration (and I am definitely in that RBS grand defile picture you have posted!)!
    I will be dropping by often xx Check out my blog too :)) xx

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