Adult Ballet teachers… confusing…

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This morning I took a beginning/intermediate ballet class from a new teacher here in Arizona and I wasn’t amused… at all. I hate when teachers see a stronger dancer and so they make the class harder than it actually needs to be. One, it is unfair to the other students and two, if I wanted a harder ballet class I would definitely have gone to a class labeled advanced. As a teacher, you have to teach to the median of the class. So, somewhere between tendus and degagés, I realized that the class was getting insanely hard and didn’t make any sense. Combinations were sped up just for the sake of speed, and combinations became extremely complicated. Then at center, we were doing ronverse…. which is arguably one of the hardest steps in adagio, or ballet in general. I did not like it at all…. Then after class, the teacher was asking me if the class was good, and looking for some sign of approval… Anyways, I was polite and went on my way.

My body was screaming in pain mostly because the class did not progressively warm me up or make any sense. Not to mention we did fouettés after adagio. Then, I think to myself… shame on me for not doing my research. But then, I thought no… Shame on this teacher… or shame on whoever educated or didn’t educate this teacher. I have always known that there are very many bad teachers or uneducated teachers out there but this one took the cake in my experience. Even worse, she wasn’t young… So she has been teaching like this for a while… Which makes me wonder what her injury rate is at her studio…

Anyways…  I just finished doing three different covers for studio recitals and they turned out pretty great. The price for me to illustrate cover art for non-commercial use, as in you won’t be selling it is $99.00 with 1 revision. If you are interested in having me draw something please don’t hesitate to contact me:

I am also shipping a ton of posters to Maryland for the public schools- so that is fun.  But important news…

I AM GOING ON VACATION! I will still be working… this book is killing me and it just keeps getting longer and longer… I guess it is good for you but exhausting for me. Like this book is literally killing me… okay, not literally but it is emotionally and mentally exhausting.
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