All in a day’s work… okay or the weekend recap and monday morning madness

So, this morning I was informed that all of the mugs that were shipped Tuesday and Wednesday arrived broken…. Which kind of irked me…. Because they were packaged pretty well… With that being said, I was determined to fix this problem, so I went to Staples and purchased 6 different bubble wraps, 5 different packing boxes, corrugated cardboard, packing paper, packing peanuts, these special mug bubble envelopes, and more tape… My godmom and one of my best friends Ceasar came to the warehouse today and so basically we packed a ton of mugs and threw them around…. 6 broken mug tests and two successful tests… I have also learned that cardboard boxes are rated by crush weight… and that I should have definitely paid more attention in physics in high school and I should not let have let my 8th grade partner in my MESA program(mathematics, engineering, science achievement; STEM Fields) design our egg drop… (I was so focused on verbal, and other portions of competitions, I was like who needs to know about dropping eggs from the sky… and anyways I won the district science fair, so it wasn’t like I was being lazy…) See kids… pay attention in school… It would have saved me money, product and research expenses if I had done my share of the work… BUT-  I think I have finally managed to pack them properly with Edgar. I ordered all of the shipping stuff via Amazon Prime- so I will be able to ship all the mugs with Edgar by Thursday…

My phone case finally came in today and I was actually pretty impressed at the drop technology on it. I know it is so overpriced in my store, but unfortunately I am outsourcing them and the cheaper outsource companies don’t offer drop technology… and if any of you are like me… my phone takes a beating on a daily basis. Sooo, today I said goodbye to my designer phone case and said hello to my ballet phone case.

ballet phone case

This weekend as pretty productive. One of my girlfriend’s had an event in Southern California called Moms of Socal. I don’t have kids, so the event was kind of awkward for me, but it’s what you do for friends. I didn’t stay long but was able to network with some pretty cool companies. If you were a mom, or family the event was great with live entertainment, food trucks, and tons of companies offering free products, demos, and more. I think the next event is in the fall, so if you live in the SoCal area… It’s a cool event for moms pregnant to moms of preschoolers. If you are on the organic train there was a lot of that…. and reusable diapers, custom diaper bags, and the coolest strollers ever. But, like most of my friends she is an entrepreneur as well, and was a former dancer. She has founded Babywearing Barre for new moms and Baby Bump Ballet for expecting moms. I also got a bunch of free stuff which is always fun.

moms of socal

The Casting of SLeeping Beauty

This blog has taken up a lot of my time, so yesterday I crammed in seeing all of my friends into one night…. Kind of cheap on my part but it was the easiest way… Besides yesterday, I am still putting in about 14 hours a day to the blog. Which I don’t know how these bloggers are posting like 3-6 times a day… I am seriously like WTF… and I get that they have guest bloggers and ghost writers but seriously…. Like that is excessive… I have subscribed to a couple of other ballet bloggers and I get like 6 emails a day with their new blog posts… and I am like…. ummmmmmmm…. no.

Though I did secure a couple of new interviews for #corpsdeballetconfessional which will be fun. I will have my first male corps dancer… Which is exciting. This upcoming week or the next will have interviews with corps members from English National Ballet, Ballet West, and Boston Ballet. If you are a corps member out there reading this… feel free to email me!

I am working on releasing three mugs since my first mug (pas de quatre) and my favorite mug (jewels) has done well. I think there are only two left. The mugs will most likely be released right before labor day weekend… Stay tuned….