Backlash and Babbling…

ballet drawings

It is no secret that every year when I publish the BIG TEN, there is always an absurd amount of backlash. And every year, I defend myself. It is funny to see people’s comments about how I am unqualified, not reputable, or even a good source… Which was different from last year’s being called a racist, misogynistic, homophobe… It is funny because I am always surprised to see these “reputable” people spit at my list, but when they are asked to name a list they won’t. My list is my opinion, and despite popular belief, I don’t just randomly pick schools. I actually follow them all year. But that is neither here nor there. But, that is not the reason for this post… because I have learned, that despite the campaigning against me… The blog is successful either way.

Boston Ballet announced their promotions- and among the many talented artists being promoted is Seo Hye Han (Seoul, South Korea).

Seo Hye Han in Mikko Nissinen’s Swan Lake; photo by Gene Schiavone, courtesy of Boston Ballet

Tomorrow is the Tony Awards! And I have a feeling that between Hamilton and the Color Purple… the Tony’s won’t have that many surprise wins.
tony awards