Ballet Books… and fat pandas

After much anticipation and deal making, and doodling… I have finally decided on a publisher! I know have I have published digital books in the past for a Ballet Education, but this is exciting because I love hardcopy books! So I have finally figured out some stuff about the publishing of THREE new books for a Ballet Education.

So the first book is the FAT PANDA book. It is a 5.5″x5.5″ softcover book printed on recycled materials! This book is ready for production and shipping! Click here to view This book is on the pricey side… But, unfortunately, I couldn’t get the publisher to come down the the cost.

The second book is the doodle book featuring over one hundred of my doodles. This book is a fundraiser for the blog, and all the proceeds go to the blog and to the scholarships I have been giving out from the doodles. Unfortunately, this book is only on pre-order at the moment, but as soon as the first set of hard copies come in… I will be shipping! It is kind of exciting. 140 pages of doodles.  Click here to view

Finally, I want to take on my magnum opus of publishing for the blog… haven’t figured out a title yet, or a cover image… but you can learn more about this project by clicking here! I am very excited about it!

The idea behind the book is not to create your typical, some what boring ballet dictionary… and I definitely don’t want to create something that no one will want to read… I want it to be helpful and interesting… I definitely want to have the doodles, the technical drawings and other things in the book. I don’t want it to just be vocabulary terms… I want it to actually be useful… If you have any other ideas or what you want to see out of the book let me know by emailing me.



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