Ballet Shoes 411 for Boys

Happy New Year! Sorry I haven’t posted, after Nutcracker I needed a long vacation and removal from the world of ballet. So, I am back, and as requested and promised here is a guide on boy ballet shoes.  It is kind of long, so I apologize. I still haven’t figured out how to do all of this video work, and truthfully, I haven’t had time since I am focusing on a stellar issue 8.

Okay… so rundown for those of you who don’t want to watch this ridiculously long video of me talking about ballet shoes, and how to sew them. (key: brand >> style >> cost) Click to shop… most of them are all split sole. Just a preference for myself.

Capezio >> Romeo >> $

Pretty standard, not my favorite but the easiest to get. You will need to sew your own elastics. Comes in canvas and leather. Split sole.

Sansha >> Pro 1 >> $$

Another standard, probably everyone’s first pair of ballet of shoes. If you are going to go Sansha… and it is your first pair… this is probably the best to start in. Sansha offers many other ballet shoes in leather, but this is probably the most accessible for everyone.

SoDanca >> Canvas Men’s Ballet Shoe >> $
so danca mens ballet shoe
Newer product on the market, high vamp if you want to call it that… and narrower heel than most. Too thin for my taste, but a lot of dancers like really thin ballet flats to feel the floor. I don’t like feeling the seam where the sole and the shoe meet, so they were a no go for me.

Grishko >> Ultimate Model 1 or Model 6 >> $$$
grishko mens ballet shoe
This is a great shoe if you want to start customizing your ballet shoe. You will pick a size and width which is nice. The split sole on the bottom usually covers the entire ball of the foot which is nice. The performance shoe is better because it has an elastic arch and it is cut at a lower profile (model 6).

Sansha >> K.H. MARTIN >> $$$
kh martin ballet shoe
Call: (310) 271-3664, tell them David from a Ballet Education sent you and they will help you. These shoes come in a low heel and a full heel, the inner arch is cut much lower than most shoes and is 10 times more flattering than most. There is a right and left, so you don’t need to label. The elastics are pre sewn, but too far down for my taste but not a big deal. My new favorite pair of ballet shoes.

Wear Moi >> Split Sole >> $$$
wear moi barton boy ballet shoe
Comes in gray and white. Beautifully fit, makes the foot look amazing. One of my favorite products on the market. Split sole. Wear Moi also makes a full sole that is pretty decent. Just not a thing for my taste.

Body Wrappers >> Angelo Luzio >> $$
angelo luzio boy ballet shoe
The total stretch is cool, there is a left and right shoe. They are pre sewn which is nice, just they aren’t flattering on my feet, and the feel cheap.

Russian Pointe >> Vivante >> $$
russian pointe vivante men.png
Super stretchy, fully elastic shoe with wide sole on the bottom of the foot. Great shoe and makes the foot look good, doesn’t last a long time in my experience.

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  1. David, What are options for a boy who is 12 (and 5’10”) and wears size 14 street shoes and keeps growing? His current size is 19 with Sansha. We bought size 20, but fear that he will outgrow both and we are then out of stock sizes. He has grown out of his shoes (ballet, tap, jazz) usually every 3-5 months. thx