Ballet Teacher Arrested on 16 counts…

Well known and formerly respected ballet teacher, Viktor Kabaniaev, was arrested for 16 counts of sexually assaulting a child under 14. If you don’t know him, he was the coach for Miko Fogarty in the documentary “First Position”. 

This isn’t the first and unfortunately probably won’t be the last. Last year former Ellison Teacher, and teacher at Dance Conservatory in Dover was arrested which opened a history of incidence reports and pending charges. (article) His trial is set for February 5.

From claims, to actual cases, the seriousness of these claims can ruin a ballet school. Recently in Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy had allegations of sexual misconduct against the AD, and even though it has not gone to trial, and it is still under investigation, the school has reported losing 30 percent of the students. (article)

But, last year brought cases from 29 year old Ross McCord of DC Dance Factory (article), to the highly publicized case against Peter Martins. It has accused former ABT principal dancer Marcelo Gomes and numerous other dancers across the world. But it isn’t just accusations, Indiana U’s Guo Ping Wangwas sentenced to two years of probation following a guilty plea. (article) Another guilty was Niel Harris in the UK. (article)

The list goes on and on, and last year, it wasn’t just men being accused. Female teachers were also accused of harassment, verbal abuse and mental abuse.