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It is happening, and it is happening fast. Like really fast. I am actually kind of overwhelmed by the support we have been getting! I wanted to take the time though to explain a bunch of stuff, just to clarify some confusion… Firstly, the blog is not going away… In fact, it will become a much bigger resource for all of you with our ballet directory. The ballet directory will feature lists of ballet companies, ballet schools, scholarships, competitions, and universities. We will also be introducing a lot more features throughout the year. If you want to make sure your ballet school or company is listed in our directory click here.

We have started introducing our subscription plan. From now until August 1, we will be selling year-long subscriptions for $9.99. The year-long subscription gives you full access to the 6 issues we will publish a year. The issues are available online, downloadable to iOS and Android, can be printed on your printer, or you can order high quality printed issues. Our first issue cover story has been secured and the featured dancer is amazing, and will be photographed by an extremely talented photographer …


Why Advertise with a Ballet Education

We are opening up advertising, officially as of Saturday, June 18, 2016. You can view our media kit via our media portal by clicking here.

If you decide to advertise with us and purchase our advertising on the media portal, CJ will contact you shortly with all the information you will need. If you have questions you can email him at

But, it doesn’t end just there… I need more help… I need:
CREATIVE: photographers, hair and make-up artists, writers, reviewers, editors (I can pay like bare minimums from out of my pocket, mostly because I believe in this… and then eventually pay you from the budget that is built…)
FUNCTION: advertising sales reps (Can pay standard commission.)
INTERNS: help compiling all of the lists- I can pay you in pointe shoes…
If you are interested email me

I am also to happy to introduce another lovely woman joining our team: Bethanne Black. Read more about her by clicking here.