BIG NEWS! BIG THINGS! Just simply… well, BIG

Things have been happening so fast over here at a Ballet Education. Things have been coming in left and right, up and down. It is kind of chaotic. Between doodling what seems to be and endless amount of orders, the artwork for the children’s book, the magazine, the emails, the teaching, RDA Nationals in PHX, the list goes on and on… It is like mega overload… Super overload. Plus, the big secret we have been working on over here… It has just been ridiculously crazy. BUT I DO HAVE GOOD NEWS! LOTS OF IT!


BEHIND THE SCENES OF ARIZONA DANCESTaimy Miranda, photographed by Ashley Baker // Ashley Lorraine Baker is coming to work for a Ballet Education full time. Why? Mostly because I need help and I like being around her. Okay, just kidding, because she is super talented and understands my madness.

ISSUE 4‘s crazy fiasco has been solved by the talented Vikki Sloviter. With the issue of the cover story falling through, an even better cover story has emerged and we are so excited to announce it soon. The magazine should be released May 10, at the latest… fingers crossed… But, if you have images that you want in the magazine, keep sending them over… we have lots to write about and need photos!

Recently, I have been getting a ton of emails from dance studio owners and business owners asking about how I am able to track my social media platforms, how I am able to juggle it all, and how can they use social media to the limitless potential it has… Well, remember, prior to my blog I was working in fashion and doing well in PR, Marketing, and Social Media. But, yes, I do know how the logarithms work and I also understand how social media, digital marketing, and content hold the future of ballet in their hands. So, I have been working together with a team of writers, editors, social media strategists, digital marketing gurus, PR powerhouses to make sure my theory worked… And it did. 

social media ballet studio
What does this
It means… I can finally announce that a Ballet Education has created a Ballet Network.
A Ballet Network 
is now a network and resource for dance studios, product/apparel, and more to use. Feel free to go ahead and check it out!! I am pretty happy with it, well actually very happy with it. And now, everyone can have a large team working for them at an affordable price. I saw some of the prices out there, and read what people were paying with little or 0 results and was pretty shocked. But now, any small business can afford it!!

TRENDY: CJ of a Ballet Education has his own successful business and we love it!! The Bachelor Candle is one of the first to join the new A Ballet Network. Shop this week and get 20% off using the coupon code: 20OFF (It is the perfect gift for a male ballet dancer or male ballet teacher. The scents are strong, clean, kind of sexy and a lot of fun.)

The Bachelor Candle 1