Big things for a Ballet Education…

So, four months ago I was playing around with the idea of creating a magazine for ballet dancers… No one really commented or said anything one way or the other and I kind of put it on the shelf… But now, I am actually pretty passionate about creating this digital/print magazine…. Like super passionate it about it… It could also be that Orlando happened, a family member passed away, my dad’s birthday is today, and fathers day is coming up…

Here are some of the cool things happening at a Ballet Education:

I am stealing Edgar full time from fashion, and he is coming to work for a Ballet Education with a friend and former colleague CJ, and they will be joining a Ballet Education’s Sales&Development team. Well the team is just them.

Susie Boyland, UCLA alumnae and Boeing engineer will be reviewing the Pacific Northwest region performances… with the help of Stanford alumnae Colette Posse joining a ballet education as a dynamic duo for reviews… If you are interested in giving over reviews from performances you are going to see let me know! The more the merrier… Jacquelyn Bernard, formerly a writer for Ballet in the City will also be coming on as a writer for a Ballet Education. (for more information on these ladies click here)

Additionally, I think there are five others who will be joining a Ballet Education soon… So that is exciting. Also, it might be a little more “fair” when it comes to opinions…

So, what is this magazine? How will it be different from the blog? Why a magazine? So let me do the 411 on this magazine.

The only major magazine out there for ballet dancers both parent, student and pro is POINTE magazine… it dominates the industry… (the parent company owns dance magazine, dance spirit, dance teacher, dance retailer, dance college, dance 212) while there are other digital magazines like Critical Dance, Balletco, and Danza… Pointe still dominates the industry… At least Vogue competes against the big five (Vogue, Elle, W, Glamor, Marie Claire) The ballet world is influenced by publishing, hell, even Vogue always features ballet… so…   It is time to take a bite out of the Ballet Publishing industry, and make waves for new talent, new product, innovation and inspiration!

Here is the plan…some might call it stupid because I am pretty much mapping out how to be successful, but I want all of you to be included, and I don’t want to feel like the magazine is impersonal or elitist…


cover template mock up
Yvette Chavez, photographed by Alexandra Rose for Social Culture. (A fashion company I owned previously)


Publish 6 issues a year (like Pointe) January, March, May, July, August/September, October/November… I know it is weird not just going every other month but it is because:

January is always dedicated to college and auditions because it’s that time of year.
March is Spring Rep
May is who knows what will go there… truthfully
July will be the big ten and season reviews etc
August/sept is back to school
Oct/nov- holiday… because most of us start Nutcracker rehearsals in October- and are dancing Nutcracker all holiday season and when it is over we want to be on break.

Our first issue is expected to be published August 15, 2016. 
-Pointes digital subscription for iPad is $2.99/yr and well, I am not quite there yet…. so… let’s say it is $9.99 a year or $1.99 an issue if you want to skip issues… if you want to pre-order you can subscribe by click here…  CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE EARLY FOR OUR FIRST YEAR.
-I can not afford to print and circulate issues, but the software I am using will let you purchase a print edition, but it takes like two weeks to be delivered… but if you want it, go for it…

What will be in these awesome issues…

  1. The covers will not be like most dance covers… Mostly because I love fashion and most ballet dancers do too… also… why would a principal dancer want to be in another tutu? lol… So, I have reached out to principal dancers from all around the world, and most of them have committed to doing covers…so that is pretty bangin.
  2. The editorials- yes the concept will be an interview piece written by someone here at a Ballet Education… and photographed by a photographer just for a Ballet Education… It will be pretty spiffy.
  3. The content: feature editorials, ballet politics, ballet reviews, company reviews, school reviews, tips & tricks, notes on technique, fun facts, coloring pages, injury prevention and strengthening, social media stuff, dancewear, classified guides of schools and companies…

Our first issue is going to have a lot in it… but don’t want to spoil it….

Here is what we need…. reviewers, writers, photographers!, style teams etc… producing a cover shoot from across the country is quite difficult… and despite my connections in fashion… fashion and ballet are quite different in terms of photography, lighting etc… so wish me luck… we are off to the races… If you have articles, photos, or anything like that you are willing to let me publish- send it over!

BUT… DON’T WORRY!!! I will still be blogging completey for free, with all of the free resources on the site. Also a bunch of new resources will be coming to the site! For more information on the magazine, shoot me an email… If you are ballet school or have a ballet product… send us an email and CJ or Edgar will contact you 🙂

And this week on Insta is Disney Princesses! So check em out!