Bringing The Nutcracker To Life…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much support is pouring in from all of you readers. Watching people respond has been more than beautiful. Hearing stories from around the world has been really encouraging. After some encouragement and much needed “talking it out” I was advised to ask A Ballet Education’s readers to help me create My Version of the Nutcracker.

I didn’t think it was going to be super easy but come to find out, I was already halfway there. After some talking to different publishers, I found out I could print 50 Hardcover with Dust Jacket copies of the Nutcracker for $4,000, basically costing $80/unit + shipping to produce. Obviously… no one wants to pay $80 for a book… yet, alone a children’s book. Or… it would be $10,000 to print 250 copies and list in on Amazon, roughly totalling up to ($40/unit + shipping)

To have it printed by a  December 1 deadline, I would have to commit 10 days of purely working on the book with an editor and drawing like a madman… Is this something we even want? Losing out on a week’s worth of work will set me behind in the short term- but the pay off could be greater in the long run.

I was going to Kickstarter it, but it takes like 3 days to approve- so there is really no way to see if this is going to be possible. But, if you are interested in helping out… Here is what I can offer….

If you are interested in bringing this book to life… you can pledge at four levels:

Pledge $50 or more


Helping get a Ballet Education to print by pre-ordering the book.

  • A Ballet Education’s Nutcracker Book

Pledge $200 or more


I really want to get this book out there by pre-ordering 4 copies of the book

  • A Ballet Education’s Nutcracker Book (x4)

Pledge $1,000 or more


I want to help further this book to print.

  • Signed Copy
  • Your Name Printed in the Book in the Thank You Section


Pledge $2,000 or more

I want to be a part of this book!

I really want to help further this book by helping cover the costs of manufacturing.

  • Signed Copy (x4)
  • Your Name Printed in the Book in the Thank You Section
  • Illustration within the book, send me a face photo in side profile and straight on, and I will illustrate you into the book in either party scene, battle scene or another section. You will also receive a signed print of your illustration with your books.

If you want to commit please let me know, click here to email // If there are enough commitments- I will go ahead with it. If not, then I will just keep doodling on for my nieces’ Christmas gift. Again, this is just a thought and an idea.

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