5 Summer Programs You Can’t Miss Out On!

    Programs associated with companies are great, and in fact, necessary, especially if you are in that upper age bracket (17-19). But, are these programs the best for that … Continue reading 5 Summer Programs You Can’t Miss Out On!


Time to Audition… Summer Intensives 2018… What to do?

Every year A Ballet Education receives hundreds of emails asking questions like, “What Summer Intensive should my student go to? Where is the best Summer Intensive? How can I afford a summer course?” And the list goes on… So this year, as we start our summer program series, we should talk about what is happening in ballet. And take a look at some of the best Summer Intensives out there.

Summer Programs (2016)

It is that time of year again… and no, I’m not talking about Nutcracker. The majority of us have opened up Nutcracker performance season and are busy twirling away in … Continue reading Summer Programs (2016)

The Big Five… (summer programs pt IV)

A lot of you concerned parents and students have written in about summer programs… While some of you have already gotten your acceptance letters, and have made your choices; others … Continue reading The Big Five… (summer programs pt IV)