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Summer Intensive Guide 2023

It is that time of the year again; the time where everyone is overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, and juggling a million different things. Yes, the 2023 audition season is upon us, and it is more stressful than ever. It could be that this is the first year back of full in-person auditions since the pandemic restrictions. It could be that there are more dancers trying to find placement. Or, it could be that this year is your first year out. Who knows? Every year during the middle of Nutcracker rehearsals and premieres, ballet schools around the world announce their national summer audition tours. This tour is a series of dates that audition thousands of dancers around the world to fill spots at their summer course.

Every year since I started A Ballet Education, I have included a list of placed to audition for the summer. Sometimes it causes controversy, sometimes it causes fear and panic, and sometimes, I am bias. Then again, what review isn’t a little bias? As the audition tours have come out, I have been helping my students plan their auditions, travel schedules, trying to avoid conflicts with competitions, how to navigate everything, and where they might end up.

Here is the problem. Ballet is on a good one, and everyone is so desperate for money, the reality is: Ballet Schools have already started auditioning for their 2023-2024 season. Stressful I know. Most people who are serious about moving to a professional school next September have already started locking in their matches through auditioning. Whether you passed the San Francisco Ballet School pre-screening, or were invited to the Paris Opera Auditions, or National Ballet School’s first round, the reality is, major schools are recruiting a year in advance.

This has now caused schools to start pre-registration for summer intensive auditions as early as the end of October, but now the majority of schools have released their dates. If they haven’t– they are following the “old” way; and they haven’t kept up with social media, or the current trend of ballet.

If you don’t know what a summer intensive is, click here for all of the many posts regarding summer intensives.

Here is A Ballet Education’s 2023 Summer Intensive Guide

(None of these schools have paid for placement or review. These programs are not listed any particular order, sort of.)

  • San Francisco Ballet School
    Patrick Armond, Director (San Francisco, CA)
    As one of the most respected ballet companies in the world, The San Francisco Ballet School has become one of the most recognized schools in the world.
  • School of American Ballet
    Darla Hoover, Chair of Faculty (NYC, NY)
    SAB, the famed school to New York City Ballet and the official school Balanchine founded, this school is the direct line to join the ranks of city ballet. The School of American Ballet is now under a new director, so who knows what the new look of the school will be? However, you should audition, because if you get in, it looks nice on the resume.
  • Paris Opera Ballet School
    Elisabeth Platel, Director (Nanterre, France)
    The Paris Opera Ballet School, literally the OG of ballet schools. This famed institution can be quite difficult to get into, but getting into the summer course can be just as hard. This short program allows you to attend multiple summer courses, and lets you work with some of the most respected teachers in ballet. And let’s be honest… it is the Paris Opera.
  • American Ballet Theatre, New York
    Stella Abrera, Artistic Director (NYC, NY)
    While ABT offers numerous programs and a variety of different levels, you really want to get into New York, and if you get in, you might want to consider it. Another school with a new director, ABT JKO and ABT Studio company might be the future of American Classical Ballet.
  • Elite Classical Coaching
    Catherine Lewellen, AD (Frisco, TX)
    Arguably, Elite classical coaching might be the school to beat in America. This pre-professional school has established itself on the competitive circuit, the collegiate circuit, and has launched professional dancers.
  • Miami City Ballet School & The Choreographic Workshop
    Arantxa Ochoa, School Director (Miami, FL)
    Miami City Ballet School is literally on the beach. So, who wouldn’t want to go summer in Miami? However, it’s not just the location. MCBS has slowly gained momentum and worked their way up to the top, offering a top level Balanchine experience, but offering the technical rigor of Cuban or Russian pedagogy.
  • Master Classes in Prague
    Daria Klimentova, Director (Prague)
    What was once reserved for professionals, or budding professionals, this year, the master classes in Prague will host young dancers under huge names likes Patrick Armond (San Francisco Ballet) and Simona Ferrazza (Dutch National).
  • Princess Grace Academie
    Luca Masala , Artistic Director (Monaco)
    Two weeks in Monaco, who wouldn’t want that? Spending two weeks at the famed Princess Grace is not only a delight because it’s on the French Riviera, but it also allows you to do other summer courses. This two week program looks great on the resue, as the princess grace academy has established itself amongst the world of competitive ballet but consistently winning the PDL.
  • John Cranko Schule
    Tadeusz Matacz, Director (Stuttgart, Germany)
    This beast of a school is housed in their new facilities courtesy of Porsche. This school has always been well respected, but has really become a part of the international ballet scene as they have recruited some of the biggest names and winners. Keeping up with the ballet scene on the global scale is difficult for state run programs, but JCS really is keeping up if not leading the way.
  • National Ballet School
    Mavis Staines, Artistic Director (Toronto, Canada)
    Probably Canada’s most recognized school, this school has always been amazing. However, like others who have followed suit, is finally keeping up with the global recruiting scene, and with the competitive world of ballet. This summer course is also marketing as a four week long audition for their coveted year round program.
    Larissa Savliev, Artistic Director (Nervi, Italy)
    Even the YAGP is keeping up. For the last three years, YAGP Europe has hosted a six day festival in Nervi, hosting some of the biggest directors and choreographers. This week long program offers students the ability to work with multiple directors in a short timespan and sets you up for the competitive season the following year.

Other programs you might want to consider:

Houston Ballet School (Houston, TX)

The Royal Ballet School Summer Intensive, Christopher Powney, AD (UK)

European School of Ballet, Jean Yves Esquerre, Director (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Cary Ballet Conservatory, Mariaelena Ruiz, AD (Cary, NC)

Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy, Dmitri Kulev, AD (Orange County, CA)

International Ballet Academy, Nadia Pavlenko, AD (Cary, NC)

Ellison Ballet, Edward Ellison, AD (NYC, NY)

Sarasota Ballet School (Sarasota, FL)

A&A Ballet (Chicago, IL)

Southland Ballet International Intensive (Fountain Hills, CA)

More programs you might want to consider:

Harid Conservatory

Master Ballet Academy

Ballet West

Philadelphia Ballet School

The Washington Ballet School

Oklahoma City Ballet School

Tulsa Ballet School

Ballet Met


Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet

Is this the end of live arts?

This is not about the politics, or vaccination policies, this post is just my personal thoughts…

Recently the Metropolitan Opera announced they will require proof of vaccine boosters to enter the world’s largest opera house… (click here for full article) Major shows, institutions, and opera have also withdrawn holding live performances this month… The world of art is shifting to NFTs… and dance is changing rapidly…

Ten years ago, there was a system to ballet, a flawed, racist, misogynistic system that still survives and thrives today, but there was a system. Within this system, dancers were limited, were held back by directors, and overlooked… This system created a formal process of hardworking, diligence, and rankings. But with social media, transparency, and people coming forward and sharing their experiences… this world, this system is disappearing…

Now, in today’s world of social media, celebrity power has created an entirely new version of ballet. This new process, this new system, has created an out of control generation oozing with talent. No one can deny that most of the young student dancers celebrated on social media can probably technically out-dance most professionals. Whether or not they can hold a full story ballet artistically, different question… HOWEVER…

We can clearly now see the trend that is happening all over the world- THE GALA DANCER and THE SOCIAL MEDIA SUPER STAR… It is not a secret, that the power of social media and ballet are now connected. Marketing teams are no longer needed, because a simple social media post can sell more tickets than a multi-thousand dollar campaign. Dancers, probably in the first time in history, now have more control of their career, have more say, and are more popular than the company themselves.

When we think of New York City Ballet, we associate it with Tiler Peck.

When we think of American Ballet Theatre, we associate it with James Whiteside, Isabella Boylston, Misty Copeland, and Aran Bell…

Maria Khoreva has single-handedly redefined the Mariinsky in the west.

Natalia Osipova has taken it onestep further to create the first ever dance NFT… it sold for $59,424 (British pounds). Article here.

With everything constantly evolving at a rapid rate, more and more young dancers have taken to the world of social media. Through competitive wins, through ridiculously planned reels, and content that shows off flexibility, turns, and insane jumps… Ballet schools around the world are adapting…

But where do these kids go?

No one wants to spend their best years in the corps de ballet, hoping to be promoted because a director likes them…

You can’t argue pirouettes, if the dancer can turn… they can turn… and social media has proven… turns sell.

You can’t argue leg up… if adage is your jam, the world of social media… and the entire internet goes crazy.

You can’t deny it… Even I am struggling to keep up with the demand and evolution of dance. Between training, dance politics, running this business, I am having hard time seeing the future of ballet… something I used to be very good at. Between the pandemic, social media, and the online universe… even I have struggled to keep up.

Its is now more impressive to see an exciting reel that is 30 seconds than sitting through an entire 3 hour ballet.

It is more comfortable to sit at home and stream a performance with your family or friends with food and wine, and the ability to pause, talk, view a performance at your own pace via digital streaming.

It is more convenient to watch a ballet whenever you want than a 7:00 show downtown.

It is more affordable to watch ballet on instagram and social media platforms for free, rather than pay over $100 dollars a ticket.

The world is changing…

Will ballet keep up?

(photo: metropolitan opera called met at lincoln center in manhattan – new york / usa – december 4, 2018 / ADOBE STOCK)

Casting Male Ensemble for Musical

Immediate casting  for Henry in South Pacifica and a Male Ensemble in An American in Paris!

Production is looking for a 22-40 years old male: East Asian, Southeast Asian, Filipino, or Pacific Islander- Ballet Dancer & Must be a strong actor to play Henry in South Pacific, who is a Man Servant to Emile de Becque. Pay is $550/week.

Please email photo and resume to Write Henry in South Pacific/Ensemble in An American in Paris in subject line.

Job Alert: Wayne McGregor is looking for female dancers

Wayne McGregor is seeking experienced female dancers with strong contemporary and classical technique to join the company.

Contracts include a minimum of 40 working weeks per year on a rolling basis and will start immediately.

To apply:
-Complete an online Equal Opportunities Form
available on

– Send the following by email to:

• Your CV including a recent headshot at the top of the page
• A cover letter as an attachment
• A link to contemporary dance footage

Deadline for applications:
Saturday 27th November 2021 at 5pm – UK time.

When & Where:
Auditions will be held in London on the 7th December 2021 by invitation only with a call back
on the 8th and 9th of December 2021.

Regretfully we are unable to contact unsuccessful applicants.

For more information please visit

Studio Wayne McGregor is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Danish Dance Theatre is Hiring

Danish Dance Theatre was founded in 1981 and is the foremost and largest contemporary dance company in Denmark. Since 2018, Swedish choreographer, dancer and film director Pontus Lidberg has been the company’s Artistic Director. Based at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, the company is composed of hand-picked dancers from all over the world. The repertoire spans from large stage productions at The Royal Danish Theatre to more intimate productions at smaller venues, and open-air events such as Copenhagen Summer Dance in the middle of the Copenhagen Harbour. Danish Dance Theatre also tours extensively in Denmark and internationally. 

– Minimum 24 years old OR with 3 years of professional experience
– Audition is by invitation only


When: Sunday January 16, 2022

Where: Danish Dance Theatre c/o Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Copenhagen, Denmark

Please send your application via the application form

Please include:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Link to a short video NOTE ONLY Vimeo. Maximum 1 minute

Deadline for submission: November 8, 2021

If you are selected, we will send an invitation by email with further information by December 23, 2021

More info at:

Photo: Two Lions and a Castle, a Choreography by Roy Assaf


Just announced on the Instagram! In a very rare move, this internationally acclaimed Contemporary Ballet Company will be holding an in-person Saturday, July 17 in-person at the Music Center in Los Angeles. This is one of the most brilliant companies out there! Don’t miss out!

Photo provided by LINES. Photo by RjMuna and features artists Michael Montgomery and Courtney Henry.


South Carolina’s largest ballet company, Columbia City Ballet, is actively seeking principal male dancers 6′ and taller with strong technical training for the 2021-2022 season. The 2021-2022 season includes Dracula: Ballet With A Bite, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Off the Wall and Onto the Stage: Dancing the Art of Jonathan Green and the world premiere of Motown The Ballet. Contracts run from late September 2021 to April 2022.

Please email resume and audition information to

Photograph taken during our 2021 performance of Cinderella by Ashley Concannon and Nicole Czekalski

Do you have job openings? Email us your audition and press release and we will be more than happy to post it.


The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company is holding auditions!

The deadline to submit applications is 11:59pm EST on Sunday, June 13, 202 with callbacks held in-person June 21-25.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company is looking for:
female-identifying highly skilled dancer with experience in acting and singing.
One BIPOC male-identifying highly skilled dancer with experience in acting and singing. Male-identifying applicants 5’10” and taller preferred.

Start date is August 2, 2021. New York Live Arts offers Company members an annual wage starting at $40,000 plus health benefits over 52 weeks with approximately 35 scheduled rehearsal and touring weeks . Applicants must be fully vaccinated or open to getting vaccinated upon being hired.

AUDITION DETAILS: Auditions will be in the form of a virtual submission and an in-person callback process. Applicants will be asked to submit:CV and/or ResumeHeadshot(1) 5 minute video of movement-based material from a rehearsal or performance that shows how the applicant dances and moves. If the section is part of a larger video, please note the time code.(1) video, no longer than 3 minutes, which includes the following:

Introduce yourself – your name, where you’re from, tell us something about yourself
Sing a song or a section of a song of your choice (if you can and feel comfortable)Answer this prompt: what was the most memorable moment in the last year? SUBMISSION DETAILS: Applicants can submit audition applications through this Google Form. All videos must be submitted as a viewable link such as Vimeo or Youtube and not as a downloadable file. The deadline to submit applications is 11:59pm EST on Sunday, June 13, 2021. No phone calls please.

CALLBACK DATES: We ask that applicants please hold June 21-25 for callbacks. Callbacks will be in-person and will take place at New York Live Arts in the 3rd Floor Studios. Attendance at call backs will require everyone to follow Covid testing and safety guidelines.

Applicants asked to attend callbacks may be asked to have a negative COVID test applicants who are fully vaccinated, 2 weeks after a 2-dose series or 2 weeks after the J&J 1-dose series, will need to show proof of vaccination. They will not be asked to be tested. Vaccination cards along with a valid ID can be shown upon arrival or submitted to who are not fully vaccinated will be asked to get a PCR Covid Test  within 72 hours of being on-site or a Rapid Covid Test within 6 hours of being on-site. Negative results from either test must be received and shown upon arrival or submitted to covidsafety@newyorklivearts.orgApplicants coming on-site will need to fill out a health screening survey and temperature check upon arrival.

Photo: Vinson Fraley Jr. in Afterwardsness (2021) | Photo by Stephanie Berger