Changing of the Guard: More Changes to the 2021 Season

More changes in ballet will be made this upcoming season. We just posted information here last month. But, more announcements have been made in the last few days.

American Ballet Theater’s Executive Director Announces Her Departure

Kara Medoff Barnett, who has held the post for the last five and a half years, will leave later this year. (New York Times) This means, ABT is going to get a complete makeover.

Kirov Academy’s Mr. Du will be departing

Instagram favorite Runqiao Du will be leaving the Kirov Academy.

Bo Spassoff from the Rock School for Dance will be retiring this August

A staple in the ballet community, after nearly 40 years as President and Director of the Rock School in Philadelphia, Bo will be retiring at the end of August.

2 responses to “Changing of the Guard: More Changes to the 2021 Season”

  1. Any educated guesses on who will next helm SFB…? Our family is beyond excited about this particular changing of the guard (especially since it now includes more than just the AD)!!! We’re rooting for Christina Johnson as our dream pick, assuming she’d be game to take it.