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Dear Ballet School & Dance Studio Owners,

If you have closed, and are facing financial hardships, I feel you. As a school owner, this time has been extremely tough. But, because of A Ballet Education, I have decided to offer my art services for free to help generate money for your school.

So, I will be designing and illustrating artwork for T-Shirts (Bella Canvas Unisex) including your school’s logo (you will need to upload a PNG version) and an illustration of choice plus the ABE logo in the bottom corner). You will then be provided with the digital proof for you to sell to your studio. From there, please place the full order (which you will receive at cost) and I will ship them to your studio. If your school is not set up for digital sales, we will offer the shirt through our website for your families to purchase, and we will ship and send you the profit.

Additionally, there will be four shirts available on A Ballet Education to purchase, these shirts, the funds will help artist relief programs.