Cross Train: Yoga & Save.


As a Ballet Education expands, we are proud to partnering up with amazing advertisers and products. Welcome EROS SPORT! This is a men’s line, for all those male dancers out there! Yes, the product is designed for bikram yoga, but because the fabric absorbs and dries sweat fast… It is great for ballet class. (I’ve tried them, they work great) So, as a Ballet Education turns from blog to magazine, we will be able to offer you great deals! #SCORE

Shop: http://www.erossport.com and use SCIE15 for 15% off.

Don’t forget… no one will hire a dancer who isn’t flexible. Bikram yoga is a great cross training aspect for ballet dancers. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is basically heat yoga. Get gumby real quick.

4 responses to “Cross Train: Yoga & Save.”

  1. Hello! Just thought I’d say thanks (for your blog, for the discount, and for the introduction a new source of quality gear!) and mention that there’s an extra “s” in the link url. Thanks!