Wow. Just Wow. This past we had the privilege of having our first audition for DADA ON POINTE’s new full-time day program for the Los Angeles Community, and it was beyond inspiring. I am so excited for this new program. But, I wanted to take a second and reflect on the craziness that happened that day.

I woke up a little 6:00 AM, texted Eric and Ashley, and laid in bed for a bit. Around 6:03 we all got messages saying that our 10:00 AM flight has been delayed by 3 hours… putting us in Los Angeles after our audition was supposed to start. In a flurry of panic, we started looking at earlier flights… and the only earlier flight was at 7:20 AM. So, basically my entire morning got thrown off, I didn’t even shower… I grabbed my to go bag kit from LULU Lemon, threw on clothes, and hopped in a Lyft. Ashley and Eric were both struggling to get to the airport. Mind you, I live like 30 minutes from the airport…. Yes, so the chaos begins, and luckily for Ashley and Eric they live sort of close to the airport.

So, Ashley and I were able to get our tickets changed, as I ran through the checkin, I could see Ashley going through security. In my head, I was thinking, “Well if Ashley can get to the Audition great.” Luckily for me, I got waived through security, and literally was one of the last people to board. Unfortunately, Eric couldn’t get on the flight, so he had to change his flight to the first flight to Ontario Airport, and then uber all the way to Los Angeles. Yes… Chaos.

This was followed by a series of miscommunications only to end up at a Chipotle at 10:00 AM.

But, we made it! And the audition happened. And it was beyond amazing! But, during the audition, I was reminded why I am doing this. I asked how many dancers in the room wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, and only students I have previously worked with had raised their hands. I thought to myself, “Why are they even here then?” After the tendu combination I asked how many wanted to be contemporary dancers, and they all raised their hands… After the jeté combo I asked, “How many dancers are trying to be a contemporary dancer because that is what they have been told they will be?”

They all raised their hands.

To which I lost it…. No one can tell you what you are or aren’t going to be. As ballet teachers we are not offering you job, so we don’t know. At best, we can advise you what companies to look at, but at the end of the day, we are not offering you a contract, so how can we say what genre of dance you will enter… If you want to go for ballet, go for ballet. And if you turn 18 and told no, give it another year and try again. And if that doesn’t happen, then look at other things. Don’t look back and have regrets because someone told you what you could and couldn’t be. Someone very prestigious said I would never work in dance, and that I wasn’t going to amount to anything in ballet… And now look at me…

So, I guess I am saying… Don’t listen to anyone. Find the right coach who believes in you and go with it.

If you want to work with me, we have 8 open spots left for the program. You can audition by emailing me your dance videos (anything… ballet, contemporary, dancing in your living room) because I want to find 8 more dancers who I want to work with and help mold, and help them launch into the professional world of dance.

You can send me your dance stuff to David@debbieallendanceacademy.com

Because I do, I do want to work with you, I do want to help you find your next step, and I want to make ferocious ballet dancers who can do it all. I’m serious… I want to help you all find your journey, so if you want to work with me, please don’t be afraid, you will never know. Remember ages 9+, but if you are 8 and you are focused, take a chance, and throw your hat into the ring.