Dance Teacher Problems…


So, by popular request via instagram (@aballeteducation)… I am now taking preorders/orders for my #balletteacherproblems

So a couple of things about ordering from the doodle store… I am actually about to see the first set of samples today! Kind of excited. Vacation has been a blast! But, I just found out from the wholesaler guys that I have oversold… Which is good because we can catch it via preorders and just fill accordingly… Downside… It affects the business’s budget. No big deal… I didn’t realize that I had oversold and sold out on most of my apparel products I have offered. I should be super happy, and I am… Just slightly stressed about it all. So, while the preorders that have been placed are about to ship… Here is the current schedule of what is shipping out and when:

April 14, 2016: First set of Tendu Posters
April 16, 2016: FAT PANDA T-SHIRTS (sold out)
April 30, 2016: FAT PANDA SWEATSHIRTS/HOODIES (soldout)
Ballet Class Sweatshirts (sold out)
Ballet Look of the Day Sweatshirts
Ballet Contest Winner Prints (see rules on instagram)
May 16, 2016: Ballet Teacher Problems
May 27, 2016: Doodle Book #1
June 6, 2016: Jump Series Apparel

Prints that are available for purchase will be sent within the same week as purchased (unless you have combined the order with an apparel or book product)

The American Ballet Theatre Leading Ladies print is sold out and will not be available again. If you are in NYC for the met season, ABT Junior Council will be auctioning off a larger version.

On another note… I just finished all of my artwork commissioned by American Ballet Theatre… so that was exciting. I am now doing the cover art for two different studios’ upcoming recitals, so that is nice.

So many big things are happening, and I am so thankful for all the opportunities and support! Stay tuned for more, I promise to post a real post soon!


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