Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

After ten years, it is time to say goodbye to A Ballet Education. A Ballet Education will be keeping up with the times, and as of September 1, 2023, I will no longer be publishing articles, editorials, and written content. Everything will be switching over to A Ballet Education’s The Ballet Directory, a comprehensive-interactive website listing numerous ballet resources including: companies, schools, competitions, costume makers, pointe shoes, photographers, and many, many, many, more resources. Check out our ballet history hub, ballet teacher resources and more on our new website coming September 1, 2023. With this new transition, we hope that A Ballet Education remains ranked as one of the top ballet resources in the world, but as I go through this change, I hope you are patient. As far as sales, we are going to be closing the store August 15.

Check out the Podcast (Season 2 Drops September 1, 2023), YouTube channel, Redbubble store and more.