Do You Want to Be A Part of the Next Issue?

Thank you so much!! It means a lot having you all write in about the new issue! It definitely has been a beautifully stressful process. 

A lot of you are asking how to advertise in the issue. You can get more information below:
MAY/JUNE (issue 4, approx 60 pages)
Publishing Date: approx April 18, 2017
Deadline for Artwork: April 14, 2017
Deadline for proposals: March 20, 2017
Deadline for first drafts: March 25, 2017

for rates you can email media@aballeteducation.com (PATRICK)

Why advertise with us? We are Ballet’s newest magazine and the blog reaches over 1.2 million readers. There are over 28k followers on Instagram, 12K+ followers on facebook and we are constantly growing. We do not have ridiculous advertising contracts like other publications, and we can digitally format the ads to be interactive including music, video and more.

If you would like to submit your ideas for articles to write please contact our executive editor, Bethanne Black bethanne@aballeteducation.com

To submit photos, the guidelines are to submit your photo story in the proper order you would like them published as well as the release to the photos. Additionally, your photos or looks can not have been published.

To submit products for review and featured editorials please contact aballeteducation@gmail.com