Doodle Book…

So it is official, my first doodle book went to print today. 144 pages of doodles… Very exciting!

What is the doodle book? A collection of all of my doodles, and some ones you have not seen from this spring. Proceeds from this book go to the scholarship fund for summer program students… I currently have 8 students/parents who have written in from around the world who I have not been able to help yet, and would like to. Proceeds from this book will help a boy attend PNB school this summer course!!!

Additionally… from everyone who purchases this doodle book over the next week will be entered to win the leading ladies of PNB print… but wait for it… signed by all of the principals of PNB!!!! Yup… you heard it right… You could win a copy of my illustration: The Leading Ladies of Pacific Northwest Ballet signed by these seven incredible women!!

leading ladies of pnb FINAL

It is also official, I was offered a book deal for my technical drawings and writings! Have not signed but excited! Also, soon to come…. the FAT PANDA DOES BALLET clothing line!!! And yes, it will be affordable!

Mmmmm I saw the prints of the posters yesterday, and they are gorgeous! So that is new and exciting… The downside is I saw the samples of the sweaters and shirts and was not a happy a camper… the colors were really distorted and uneven… so I demanded reprints of them all with a higher quality printing/dye process.


Writing a book is harder than I thought… I just finished the outline/index… and I realized I have a crap ton of writing to do.

On another note… let’s talk about social media… if you tag me in a photo… it is usually because you want me to draw you… The downside is lately I have been tagged in some random photos promoting businesses… that I DO NOT endorse… and schools I DO NOT endorse… *side eye*

Currently, I endorse only 1 company and that is:

label.dancewear (which we are giving away… so check out the insta: @aballeteducation)

In order for me to endorse or promote your company there is only one way and it isn’t money…..

I actually have to like your product and believe in your product… otherwise… shade.

I need another concept for this upcoming week’s doodle theme… so if you have any suggestions let me know!



4 responses to “Doodle Book…”

  1. You could do doodles of ballet hairstyles!
    Hair is just as diverse as skin color, in thickness, length, color, and texture.
    Also a few years ago Gaynor Minden made a very funny class etiquette doodle-like picture and I’m sure you could follow that as a theme without copying it at all.
    Absolutely love your work! ♥

  2. My daughter loves your doodles (as do I). We can’t wait until the book on technical drawings comes out!

    DD is a Boston Ballet student, since we live in Boston. Oh, the stories we could tell you;)