From the Great Plains to the coasts of California, we are breaking records: Heat Records. Some of the hottest single days in the record of recording heat are being set. Hot summers mean we have to be even more in tune with our bodies because excessive heat may lead to high body temperatures, shallow breathing, rapid pulse rates, confusion, headaches, and dehydration. We are past the days where water bottles weren’t allowed in the studios, well I hope we are past those days because every individual is different and will need water at different times in class. Some dancers like to hydrate before class, some drink in between each combination, some drink only between allegro combos, and some really don’t drink water during class. But, staying hydrated means, when you perspire (sweat), you need to replace the water in your body!

Here are five ways to stay hydrated this summer!

  1. Drink Plenty of Water and only water. When temperatures are above 100 degrees, and now this summer is already over 110 degrees in parts of the US, we lose body water even quicker. So, drink more water than you normally would, and more than the suggested daily water intake. Don’t like water? Make it festive by infusing fruit and herbs: berries and mint, citrus and basil, or even vegetables like cucumbers. Try to avoid drinks with sugars like coffee, soda, and wine as they work against staying hydrated.

2.  Eat Foods with High Water Content. When it comes to staying hydrated, remember, that a lot of food we eat is high in water content. This helps to stay hydrated when eating, but make sure you still drink water with meals. Foods like celery, watermelon, tomatoes, and grapefruit are all over 90 percent water.

3. Stay organized. Pre-portion your daily water intake by filling gallons and using a sharpie to mark your set increments and times of the day you want to consume these amounts. For example: Take a gallon of water and with a sharpie divide it into 4. Write 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM in each section. Consume each section by the designated time frame, and you have taken in 128 fluid ounces of water in the hottest parts of the day. Or if you are more tech savvy download a water App like Waterlogged.

4. Make it fun. Find a water bottle that suits you. Whether it is a hydro flask decorated with ABE stickers or a mason jar, find something that suits your lifestyle. For me, carrying around a gallon of water does not fit into my work bag, nor does it excite me to carry it down four flights of stairs in the morning. For me, this liter bottle does the trick as it fits into my backpack’s designated water bottle space, and has designated time markers.

5. ICE. Ice is your friend. Whether it is for your feet after a long day of ballet, or a way to keep water cold, ice has many different benefits. According to research, drinking six cups of very cold water a day will raise the resting metabolism by about 50 calories each day, it also lowers our body temperature in the crazy heat, and ice cold water also helps removing toxins fro the body.