For the Coffee Lovers


Hey coffee and ballet lovers… the two are usually connected… if you love one you probably love both…. Just kidding, not really. So, exciting stuff… Our first coffee mugs are now available. Some of you have already gotten them as Edgar is working hard at shipping them out! Crazy stuff… Well, in store right now we have the Jewels collection. There are Balanchine’s Jewels (11oz) and Sleeping Beauty’s Jewels (15oz). These will be the only two mugs available at the moment as we are seeing if they are going to do well. So the first mug ever is the Pas de Quatre mug and is limited, as once they are sold out, I won’t be bringing them back. There 36 available, and if you use the coupon code: coffeelover10 you get $10 off.

pas de quatre mug

Now a lot you have asked why when something runs out, why I don’t replace it right away… Well one, it costs a ton of money to produce these things… and two, it makes it less special. Additionally, a lot of my work is going into retail stores, and so what I offer on my site has to be completely different, special and fun. Since I have worked in fashion over the past five years as an editor, I have seen how the internet is killing small boutique stores… So, I am not going to compete against them with the same products… What you see in my store is not what you will see at dance store boutiques and vice versa… But I am working on finishing up the wholesale series (FALL 2016/NUTCRACKER) for all of you dance stores, dance studios etc!! It is really cute…

4 responses to “For the Coffee Lovers”

  1. Hi there

    I live in South Africa. Any way I can get my hands on some of these mugs? They are truly inspired.

    Thank you very much 🙂