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Frappuccino or Frappé… Some of you have written in asking whether or not you should teach frappé with a flexed foot (a) or a pointed foot (b)… Both are technically correct if done right, and they both serve the same fundamental purpose: to feel the floor, and really to feel the floor in coming in and out of jumps… It is why some teachers use the pointed foot to feel the floor coming from a pull pointed foot (like all jumps) and then 3/4 to full pointed… Others teach from a flexed position… Either way… you hit the floor and pull the energy back.  I think the most important thing, like always is being turned out. As a lot of students focus on pulling the heel in, it is more important to focus on pulling the knee back as fast as you can. The result being that the foot connects to the flex coupe position or the sur le cou de pied position. A lot of the time or most of the time when doing the exercise on relevé (c) you keep the foot pointed and focus on speed… it is why it is usually combined with battu/batterie/petit battement/serré. During these portions, you have to be really focused on disconnected your lower leg from the knee… Your knee should not move, and it should just hinge there… quickly… To stabilize the knee you need to use the crap out of your abductors… sorry this was so brief… I have a lot going on in my personal life, and getting the blog put together…. More to come soon, probably tonight when I can’t sleep.

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