Getting it together…

junk food squad

So, this week in ballet has been a great one. Tomorrow, National Ballet of Canada will premier Le Petit Prince which is almost completely sold out. Houston Ballet has been killing their triple bill program. And I am super behind with everything… But this week, a lot of my collaborative efforts paid off, so for me, this week has been really exciting.


First, Lia Cirio snapped a photo of my work at the Met while watching her brother perform. The stationary sets for Cirio Collective have arrived and are on sale now. Click the photo below to shop ($15) Photo above and below are from Lia Cirio.

Then, my collaborative efforts with Covet Dance came into fruition! Check out the first of the Fat Panda Screen Tees on Cotton…. Super cute! Pre-sale for $29.99!! Click the image below to shop.


My summer is filling up with great master classes. An open master class series that I will be doing is in collaboration with Fisher Fine Arts in the greater Phoenix area. I will be doing three master series while there. The first is for dance educators, the second for primary students, and the third for intermediate and advanced students. There are limited spaces available, so to reserve a spot please call 480.364.4650. It should be a lot of fun.

Also, I don’t know if it is open or not, but I will also be in Chicago in July… but I am not sure. Once I know the final details, I will let you know.