Again… from my rant about crappy petite allegros… (http://aballeteducation.com/2014/09/03/your-petit-allegro-is-awful/)

So, I posted my favorite techniques and people asked to post videos, so I went online to look and stumble across this… This is why ballet in America is awful, and if students, or teachers are using these… take your student to a different studio. So these are videos of what not to do in glissade… it doesn’t help that like half of the terms she is using is wrong… Like go to dégagé and they are all in tendu…. WTF… let royal do their job and just stop:

Royal Ballet’s glissade… which isn’t my favorite two butts up… but at least it is kind of nice. I don’t know about that guys face being that high in the air, but I guess it goes with the pretentious nature of Royal…

This one is a little better…

Then I find this ridiculous hot mess… Why you are teaching ballet I have no freaking clue:

Sooo after this I’ve decided I need my own youtube channel… because apparently anyone can now teach ballet haha.

4 responses to “Glissade…”

  1. These videos offend me beyond words. Coupe, REALLY? Feet not fully extended, and the upper body is wrong, too. My God….

  2. My eye is twitching from the last one. It hurts to watch. ALL WRONG. DO NOT PASS GO.