Halfway to the YAGP

a ballet education goes hard
Thank you all so much for your support!!!
I am actually almost halfway to my goal!! I am short about $2,200.00 so I am just four sponsors short. It has actually been really crazy as everyone has wished to stay anonymous. It is really quite encouraging and makes me think I really can make this blog a full-time job. Click below to sponsor.
Company Class
Speaking of which, job hunting has been kind of ridiculous. I am either too qualified for smaller schools and studios, or underqualified for universities. But if you know of any jobs… let me know. Also, I have decided to go back into SOCIAL MEDIA marketing, creation, protection and management. After working for Follow That Media and Social Culture, I feel like I can help dance schools and studios with their social media and websites. If you are interested please message me here.

Okay, adult class… So, today was pretty intense… slightly because I had some drinks last night. Yes, I haven’t been feeling well, but Gin cleans the system. Okay, not true… but I know my body enough that if I have a drink while sick it like reboots me, crazy I know. So, it was a rough morning. Between the two Gatorades I downed and a Pedialite, followed by a coffee… I was ready to go. Foam roller, new RubiaWear legwarmers, and my foot stretcher I was ready. Oh, a bunch of you have asked about some stuff… First… I paid for my RubiaWear, and yes I know it is expensive but you have to invest in quality. The foot stretcher is expensive as well, but I have had it for a while, and it really does work and pay off. You have to invest in quality to ensure maximum results and the protection of your body. Foot stretchers can give you tendonitis and I feel like the foot stretcher I have doesn’t, and allows for you to shape your wing.

Okidokie, back to ballet class… NEW STUDIO. Barre was healthy. I had a really hard time picking up combinations. It could have been that I was tired or just out of it… but the combinations were really good at getting me warmed up and placing me on my legs and hips. That is always really cute. Downside, my lower back has still been really intense. Even after I warmed it up and my lower back brace it still was not feeling it. So, I didn’t do center. But, the backs of my legs are coming back… Thank god… Summer is basically here, and I need to get back down to at least a 32″… Mostly because I purchased a ton of Swimwear last year for Pride, Beach Parties, White Party and Miami last year… So, I would like to fit back into them and not have things rolling over and hanging out. And my adult video for arabesque is coming…. It’s pretty low quality but works.

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  1. Wish you could come open a studio here in Bowling Green, KY. WKU has the only dance program in KY, but unless you’re a student, there aren’t any adult ballet classes in town! Think about it, you’d have a monopoly 😊