Happy 30th Birthday to me…

a ballet education 30

A little vain but, “Happy 3oth Birthday to Me!”

I actually wanted to say thank you to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey… from the blog to the magazine… Thank you, I sincerely mean it.
Birthday a Ballet EducationSome Birthday Thoughts… I never expected to be where I am at on my 30th birthday. I miss my Dad and thought he would be saying something along the lines of like, “Happy 30th Birthday you are officially an adult.” Something like that… I didn’t think I wouldn’t have an official job… That entire thing is a mess…  I thought I would be married with kids, and truthfully I am okay if it isn’t in the cards for me.

So, as my day ends, I am home alone drinking a cup of coffee, watching Gilmore Girls, and working on my book. My goal is to finish this magnum opus by May. Wish me luck.

Oh my diet was an epic fail today… So was the gym and so was ballet class.
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6 responses to “Happy 30th Birthday to me…”

  1. Never let your body get hungry. That is the time that we go for the bad stuff. Find healthy low carb veggies and some guacamole or hummus for dip and some nuts for protein. Mealtime is less tempting to overeat. Stick to salads and a protein and of course water all day.
    I am 52 yrs young, 5’1″ tall and weighed 141 in Sept. I had to make some changes! My daughter’s wedding was coming up in December! S I read a ton on Paleo eating and stuck mostly to that. I give myself Saturdays to cheat. What do I miss? Bread, pasta, icecream and pizza! I can cheat with those on Saturday’s, although I usually don’t feel well afterwards. Every day I treat myself to a small piece of dark choc with pistachios. Now I’ve gotten down to 123 without added exercise. (I teach classical ballet, modern tap and jazz about 16 hrs a week right now) Keep dancing and eat a lot! HBDK!!!!!! Give yourself credit for taking class today! Practice makes progress not profection! T

  2. Happy birthday David! You’re 30 and fly! (I follow you on YouTube). Keep doing you, and then do you some more.