Health Problems & Ballet

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been facing some health issues. It started right after the YAGP, I noticed that my left hand was developing a slight tremor. I was a little freaked out and started Googling, which is never a good thing. Immediately, it pulled up early onset Alzheimer’s which caused me to go into panic mode. That coupled with my ongoing struggle with migraines, restlessness, and exhaustion, I went to the doctors. Normally, I would go to a holistic or more natural doctor, but this I didn’t want to mess up. Well, come to find out, that I could have just gone to a natural doctor. The regular doctor said it sounds like I am having troubles with my body and that I should try going off gluten for a week. He also said that it could be from drawing so much I have exhausted my muscles and tendons. He also asked if I was a drinker, and well, I am… So now, three weeks of no drinking, being gluten free, and cutting back on my insane coffee intake, I have noticed a large change. My skin is clearer, I can sleep at night, I don’t feel bloated, and I have lost weight… Which is nice. I notice now, that if I eat things with gluten in them, I feel terrible the next day and my abdomen looks slightly distended. So, now I am avoiding gluten and alcohol at all costs. Then while all of the ANB negotiations were taking place, I was delivered some bad news about a physical I had taken earlier on. So, I have had to deal with all of that, and that has been exhausting.

Now, as I start to draw again, I have noticed that my hand is EXTREMELY heavy and has me worried that I probably might not draw the same. My doctor told me I should one, get insurance on my hand/arm, which sounds ridiculous, and two, I need to actually start going to the gym and do forearm strengthening exercises.

So, as I am finishing up the last of the YAGP doodles, you probably won’t see much more drawings from me until I can get back to where I want to be with my artwork. Also, as I live this sober, gluten free life, I am going to attempt to quit smoking and coffee and live a healthier lifestyle. Lesson learned… Don’t go back to a normal eating lifestyle after a ballet lifestyle, it messes up your body and is hard to go back to the dedication and focus I once had. Plus, I am going to miss decadent pastries ๐Ÿ™

A Ballet Education

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  1. In fact you’re quite lucky that your body doesn’t handle bad food at all, so you can enter a new healthy life when you are still young. Many people discover on their 50s that they are fat, burnt up, have flat glutes, diabetes, and narrow arteries, At that point hard to go back! I’m sure in a few months, considering how better you will feel at every levels, you’ll become a guru spreading taste for healthy ballet way of life all over the world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. David, I hope everything works out and you will be able to draw and feel healthy again. As a Ballet teacher for 30 years, I understand it can be difficult when our bodies suddenly do not cooperate. Five years ago, I also cut out drinking and started limiting my gluten, carbs and unhealthy foods and added several supplements to keep my body feeling as good as possible while teaching many hours a day. I wish you great success and want you to remember that we are all supporting you! Kim