Health Problems & Ballet

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been facing some health issues. It started right after the YAGP, I noticed that my left hand was developing a slight tremor. I was a little freaked out and started Googling, which is never a good thing. Immediately, it pulled up early onset Alzheimer’s which caused me to go into panic mode. That coupled with my ongoing struggle with migraines, restlessness, and exhaustion, I went to the doctors. Normally, I would go to a holistic or more natural doctor, but this I didn’t want to mess up. Well, come to find out, that I could have just gone to a natural doctor. The regular doctor said it sounds like I am having troubles with my body and that I should try going off gluten for a week. He also said that it could be from drawing so much I have exhausted my muscles and tendons. He also asked if I was a drinker, and well, I am… So now, three weeks of no drinking, being gluten free, and cutting back on my insane coffee intake, I have noticed a large change. My skin is clearer, I can sleep at night, I don’t feel bloated, and I have lost weight… Which is nice. I notice now, that if I eat things with gluten in them, I feel terrible the next day and my abdomen looks slightly distended. So, now I am avoiding gluten and alcohol at all costs. Then while all of the ANB negotiations were taking place, I was delivered some bad news about a physical I had taken earlier on. So, I have had to deal with all of that, and that has been exhausting.

Now, as I start to draw again, I have noticed that my hand is EXTREMELY heavy and has me worried that I probably might not draw the same. My doctor told me I should one, get insurance on my hand/arm, which sounds ridiculous, and two, I need to actually start going to the gym and do forearm strengthening exercises.

So, as I am finishing up the last of the YAGP doodles, you probably won’t see much more drawings from me until I can get back to where I want to be with my artwork. Also, as I live this sober, gluten free life, I am going to attempt to quit smoking and coffee and live a healthier lifestyle. Lesson learned… Don’t go back to a normal eating lifestyle after a ballet lifestyle, it messes up your body and is hard to go back to the dedication and focus I once had. Plus, I am going to miss decadent pastries 🙁

A Ballet Education