Help Kids go to the YAGP

Hello there A Ballet Education readers,

Last year you were able to help me get to the YAGP, and as a result I was able to further A Ballet Education. This past week a few students from around the country have written in explaining their financial situation and being short for the YAGP. This year the YAGP is more expensive than ever as it now takes place at SUNY Purchase the first five days, and Lincoln Center the last three days. Being in New York City is expensive, yet along being in New York for ten days. I can not list their names on who is asking for help because I don’t want it to look like favoritism. The three students (not mine) I am trying to help are in each of the age divisions: pre-competitive (age 11), junior (age 13) and a senior (17) and are females from around the United States. They have qualified in both classical and contemporary, and the total amount to help all three go to finals is about $6,000.00. (click here to donate)

Why is it important to go to the YAGP? These students are going to be seen by the top companies and schools in the world. They are all competing for scholarships, invitations to year round schools, and possibly be looked at by other schools and coaches. As great as it is to win in NYC, the reality is, that as long as you are there and seen, you have a chance to walk away with a scholarship or job.

The world isn’t becoming cheaper, and this also is affecting ballet. The costs of training and growing exponentially, and there is little or no help out there for these young dancers. Whatever is donated, is going to be divided by three and then dispersed.

Thank you.

xoxo- a ballet education.

2 responses to “Help Kids go to the YAGP”

  1. That’s so great you can help. I worked all year to get to YAGP & ADC. I qualified on my classical to go to YAGP NYC , but had to tell them I can’t go. Even sharing a hotel with someone, the fees are just too much and I spent everything I had to do do the 2 local comps. Good luck to these students. I hope they can make it there. Ballet is a tough world to make it in. I’m determined to make it, and I will keep working outside of class so I can keep training.

    Hope to hear how things go for the 3. Thanks for helping them.

    Best wishes to everyone going.