Help these Ballet Boys

There is no question that ballet is expensive and even when you are extremely gifted, finances are still an issue. We could open up an entire conversation on how dance and socioeconomic status keep certain groups of individuals out of ballet, and while our foundation is trying to fix these inequalities, there are two beyond gifted boys who need our help right away. We have continuously helped numerous dancers across different platforms, but as the fiscal year closes, we have given out most of our financial aid already and there are two exceptional boys who need our help today!

Marcus Ian Taylor (14) and Noah Cambell (14)finished first and second respectively at the Youth America Grand Prix 2021 finals this year. Marcus was offered a full-tuition scholarship to The Academie Princess Grace and Noah was offered a full-tuition scholarship to The Royal Ballet School. Now, normally I wouldn’t be posting Go Fund Me efforts, but both of these boys are beyond exceptional. You can directly give to the boys’ campaigns below, or if you are interested in donating to A Ballet Education’s non-profit A Ballet Foundation, you can email us and we can set up the invoice with the non-profit donation. But really, donating directly to these boys is very important.

You can donate individually to their campaigns below.

Photos of Marcus Taylor courtesy of Anne Taylor (mom) and Rhi Lee Photography.

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