In case you missed it…

This weekend tons of ballet content dropped. If you decided to take a social media break or if you just generally enjoyed your weekend, here are some things you might have missed.

Tomorrow, July 27, NYCB’s Georgina Pazcoguin‘s memoir comes out. Her telling memoir has already been reviewed by the New York Times and Baryshnikov. Personally, we have not read it, but I’m sure it is going to touch on being Asian and New York City Ballet, type casting and everything else she uses her platform for. Click here to order it on Amazon or audio book.

Meanwhile, Principal NYCB Ballerina, Megan Fairchild also announced she has a book coming out in December 7, 2021: The Ballerina Mindset. Also available for pre-order. While I think Penguin thinks it will be a great Holiday gift for young dancers, I think that it comes at an odd time in the season, but great to get a new mindset before audition season.

American Ballet Theatre’s James Whiteside also has Penguin published book coming out: Center Center: A Funny, Sexy, Sad, Almost-Memoir of a Boy in Ballet.

The American Ballet West has a new docuseries out. Ballet West isn’t a stranger to cameras as they were on the WB’s Breaking Pointe. This new series In The Balance: Ballet Lost for a Year is a nine-episode series following the company. Click here to watch. Meanwhile, Ballet West has their first non-Asian Dancers of color Principal Dancers. Our September Issue Cover Model Katlyn Addison and Hadriel Diniz. Read the full article here.

Harry Garside is at the Olympics representing Australia for boxing and largely credits ballet to his journey to Tokyo. (Read the full article here)

The Royal Ballet has a stellar premier that has everyone raving about the mixed The performance titled: Review of the 21st Century Choreographers of the Royal Ballet included Christopher Wheeldon’s The Golden Hour, Kyle Abraham’s Optional Family: A Divertissement, and The Statement by Crystal Pite. This is just behind the mixed program Beauty that also had amazing reviews, and it was beautiful to watch. If you missed the streaming, you can view it online here till August 8. (It does cost, but worth it)

On America’s Got Talent, The Hiplets Advance. If you don’t know who they are. The Hiplets are ballerinas of diverse backgrounds from the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center under Homer Bryant, the inventor of hiplet.

On gross disgusting news….

-Jonathan Barton was arrested following an investigation into Ballet West (not the American One, the Scottish one), a residential dance school in Taynuilt, Argyll and Bute. He is being charged with 16 sexual offenses including 4 rape charges. (click here for the full article). This is three weeks behind the assult incident at Master Ballet Academy. (Click here for the full article). These incidents are followed behind the publicized convictions of former ENB Principal Yat-Sen Chang’s (CNN) in May, and May’s accusations and arrest of Servy Gallardo from St Petersburg Ballet Conservatory (Tampa Bay Times).