In This Issue… SEPTEMBER 2016

I can say that we did it… and it wasn’t just me… It was tons of people all across the United States helping me put this together. But it is official… As of 3 minutes ago the mock-up was completed, and off to be proofed two more times. So, for those of you who have actually been wondering what is going in the issue, I can finally preview of what is in our first issue…

But it wasn’t just me who made this happen. It took a lot of us!

First I want to thank a Ballet Education’s quite large team… It was a lot larger than I would have ever imagined. So thank you… thank you… and thank you…. If you didn’t know, everyone who worked on this issue worked for FREE!  ! So I wanted to say thank you for the entire team that pulled this issue together: Bethanne Black, Cj Perez, Edgar Chavez, Jacquelyn Bernard, Emily Kadow, Daryl Manese, Dorothy Crouch, Amber Whitehead

I would like to thank all of the photographers who let me have their art for free! So thank you to Alexandra Rose, Kenneth B Edwards, Jack Stewart, and Emily Kadow.

I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to be interviewed and or photographed for a Ballet Education: Allynne Noelle, Ashley Ellis Kate Kadow, Emma Nelson, Sunni Thomason, Shane Tice, Peter Stark, and more.

A Special Thanks to Bliss Tulle, the Kadow Family, the YAGP, and Wear Moi.

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So, here is what we have ready for you in the issue!!!!


COVER STORY: Suzanne Farrell Ballet’s Soloist Allynne Noelle: An intimate portrait of a beautiful woman. Interviewed by Jacquelyn Bernard and photographed by Alexandra Rose.


september issue preview
Kate and Sunni photographed by Jack Stewart


STYLE: Emily Kadow takes on Cool Kids. A fashion spread on the lifestyle of ballet dancers. Photographed by dancer Jack Stewart and Emily Kadow this beautiful editorial features dancers from various companies around the US.


Ashley Ellis photographed by Kenneth B Edwards


BALLERINA IN BUSINESS: Boston Ballet Principal and successful entrepreneur Ashley Ellis gives us a little insight in balancing her ballet career and being a business woman. Photographed by Kenneth B Edwards, story by David King.

foodie 1
 Former dancer Daryl Manese takes on eating healthy and includes a recipe that is both easy and delicious.

ATLANTA’S NEWEST VISION : Bethanne Black got to meet up with Atlanta Ballet’s new Artistic Director, Gennadi Nedvigin and talk about what is to come for the company.

HOROSCOPE: Sarah Jaffe takes us through upcoming energies for ballet dancers for the months ahead.

NOTES ON TECHNIQUE: David King takes on another technique and walks us through pliés for dancers at various points in life and gives his method of teaching pliés.

WHAT’S ON: Five seasons to watch and upcoming performances you don’t want to miss.

DANCE BAG MUST HAVES: Amber Whitehead takes us through dance bag essentials, building your dance bag, and dance bag must haves.

BALLET 101: Dorothy Crouch takes an in-depth look at preparing for ballet class and starting ballet with the right kind of attitude.

and more!!!

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