It feels like a Thursday.


It definitely feels like a Thursday! People always talk about Wednesday being humpday, but Thursday… man… Thursdays got me really feeling like a fat panda. As the month ends, I wanted to say thank you for all of the love and support of my blog this past month. This month I have had over 127,000 readers worldwide and I love it! 🙂 I also wanted to take today and talk about a few things blog related. First, the Instagram. (@aballeteducation) I post most of my illustrations and doodles on Instagram in the following patterns:

  1. Day of the week posts. Each week I pick a theme, last week was contemporary this week is ballet Look of the Day. I use these as warm ups for my mornings. This is probably the only thing consistent on my insta. If you have ideas for my weekly theme, let me know.
  2. Ballet Baby Daddies: male ballet dancers that I admire for their dancing, bodies, or faces… lol
  3. Leading Ladies: Principal women or women I just thoroughly enjoy.
  4. #Fatpandadoesballet, my doodles of fat panda ballet memes.


I found out last night that people are using my work on their websites, and using my blog posts on their websites and claiming it as their own. One guy even went so far to take my illustration videos and illustrations and delete out my name and put his name all over it. Other dance studios have decided to take my artwork and add it to their logo… Not cool… Lawyering up today… So, for those of you out there stealing my work… This is your warning. I don’t care if you share the work, or even repost it… but what I do mind is flat out stealing it as your own…. I work really hard as a ballet teacher and work really hard as an illustrator/graphic designer. It is how I pay my bills. So, when you steal it and call it your own… It irks me.

I have even converted my guest room into my blog’s work room and even moved a lot of my dance books into this room as well. I am really big on books and have massive bookshelves lining my living room. So, it does bother me when I see dance teachers stealing my work as their own… I’ve worked really hard to perfect the way I teach, and how I elaborate on things… Definitely, if you want to use it, go for it, but at least, give me credit. Don’t edit out the name and slap your logo on top. Seriously….

Finally, my store is growing. The store can be found under the “doodle” tab or by clicking here. It is pretty exciting. Yesterday, I was able to close out a pretty great deal on sweaters, so I am offering two pre-order/for sale sweaters. If you click the images, it should take you to the product descriptions.

If you are interested in any other of my illustrations on sweaters or clothes let me know.

Finally, I will be out of the country for the next couple weeks for work, which is why they won’t ship till Mid to late April. I will try to be consistent at checking my emails but please be patient if I don’t get back to you right away. Thanks for all of your support!

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