A Ballet Education is a beast of a machine. A Ballet Education is not just only a blog, but it is also a directory, a magazine, a network, a ballet clinic and social media firm. We are constantly looking for collaborators within all aspects of the organization.


The Ballet Education Team

David King


David King founded A Ballet Education in 2014. He is a master ballet teacher, artist, and former professional ballet dancer.

Ashley Baker

Boss lady

Ashley Baker is a multi-talented contributor to A Ballet Education. She is a photographer, writer, social media manager, and ballet teacher at the Ballet Clinic. She formerly was the school manager at the School of Ballet Arizona.


Warehouse Guy

Edgar was formerly a fashion model turned restaurant owner. He used to help out at the warehouse in Southern California.

Ceasar Perez

Sales Guy

Ceasar Perez is a former dancer, turned fashion marketing director, turned RN. He happens to be the best friend of David King and helps out with A Ballet Magazine’s Ad Sales.

Melanie Durham

UTAH Reviewer

Melanie Durham is a dance teacher in Utah. She is a current judge for the spotlight competition, and the former competition director of Corona Dance Academy.

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If you are looking to submit photos for the magazine and blog to use please make sure you have the following information when submitting:

  • In the subject line please make sure you write: PHOTO SUBMISSION
  • Please label each photo with your name and the dancer’s name.
  • Please enclose the model/dancer’s release, as well as the photo release from you/ your business name.
  • Please list all of your contact information, including all social media handles you want to be credited.
  • If we choose to use any of your photos, we will notify you.
    You will not be paid for this type of submission. It is more for exposure for you.

If you are looking to be commissioned to shoot for the magazine please email your full CV and Portfolio Website. Please include your work process and rates.


Looking to write for A Ballet Education? There are many different jobs when it comes to writing for the brand.

  • If you are submitting a review of a performance, please make sure you have photos of your experience and include them in your attachments. Please make sure you also include a head shot and all of your contact information including social media handles you want to be credited. If we choose to use your review, you will be paid $50. Reviews submitted must be within 7 days of the performance.
  • Have an idea to pitch to the magazine? Please submit a full pitch or article inside the email body. You will be paid per word based on the strength of the article. Please include all photos you will be using when publishing. Please make sure you include the photographer’s release as well as the model/dancer’s release.

Companies & Products

Do you have an awesome product? We want it! Send us the product and we can review it, feature it in the magazine or even build an entire shoot around it.