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Hurricanes, the YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, life and old friends. The past two weeks have been crazy. From evacuating Charleston to trying to figure out my life… From Los Angeles to San Diego to Irvine to Salt Lake City and about to head to Orlando. The whirlwind of trying to figure out your life and place in the world of ballet.
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It isn’t a secret that I am not with American National Ballet at the moment; not my intentions, but that is neither here nor there. Today marked the opening of their season and it looks like it kicked off with a bang: Desmond Richardson teaching company class, interviews, and photo shoots. It looks like it went really well. If I do rejoin, then I am excited to work alongside a great company, and if I don’t rejoin then I wish them all the best of luck.
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The past two weeks have been crazy. The past two weeks have been filled with coaching numerous winners of the YAGP and prepping videos for the Prix de Lausanne. I was privileged to work with some of the best talent Southern California has to offer. It was quite amazing. One of the great spaces I got to use was Downtown Dance & Movement. Not only was it affordable, but it was super accommodating, conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles, with a public parking lot across the street. $10-$15 dollars for all day parking. If you don’t mind walking there was a cheaper parking ramp. The floors were laid by one of the best David Sukonick. The sound system was great, and the studio was big enough for variations, which is hard to find for multiple hourly rentals. (click the logo above or here for more information)

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From teaching in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, I got kind of pooped out. But, Friday night brought Travis Wall’s 30th Birthday in West Hollywood and the chance to get to see old friends. If you didn’t know, he just won the creative Emmy. Saturday, I get to see A Ballet Education contributor, now school manager at Ballet Arizona, Ashley Baker, as she killed it at the Downtown LA BlakTina Dance Festival.

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While I was in Los Angeles, a lot of great opportunities presented themselves, one included me opening a school in Downtown Los Angeles. While this is extremely appealing, especially with the lack of quality schools in Los Angeles, it has gotten me thinking…

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I just got off the plane in Salt Lake City and was picked up by another very close friend. Now, I am at the Starbucks killing time before my next teaching spree. I am totally stoked to see what Utah has to offer, besides gorgeous landscapes and gastropubs. While I know Ballet West dominates Utah in terms of pre-professional ballet schools, I am excited to see the younger group of kids that will eventually feed these pre-professional programs.

I know I was supposed to head out to Chicago & Minneapolis next, but I have decided to take some time for myself and try to figure out what is next for me. I know what is slowly coming next for a Ballet Education. Finally, I am almost close to the final draft of my massive book that takes up a ton of space on my hard drive. My curriculum and certification program for teachers and schools is about to roll out. My youtube channel will be getting a kick-butt revamp. Issue 7 is being compiled and it is going to be huge. And more artwork is about to hit the RedBubble Store.

While I don’t want to spend my entire day teaching… I will be available for privates, consultations, master classes in Orlando. I will be there on Wednesday, September 20 to work and then who knows? I just know I need a lot of time to clear my head and figure out what is going to happen to my life. Email me if you want to work together. When I figure out what is happening with my life, I will let you know, and until then… who knows what I will post.


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