Kathryn Morgan on her departure of Miami City Ballet

So Kathryn Morgan just opened up, and just put Miami City Ballet on Blast. 

Her story was super publicized, and in fact, maybe Miami City Ballet used her for just that: Her public forum. Did Miami City Ballet use her as a stunt to help save their company’s reputation, and do it for the look of “diversity and acceptance” … In her video, she talks about the pressures that the company put on her about her body: she is a size 2. Her video talks about the bullying that happens by the artistic staff, and the pressures that they put on you. Is it even worse because the Artistic Director is female, and a woman requiring the body type? For someone who has worked hard for years to get back in shape, and get to a point where she can dance in a company again… to be told she wasn’t an inspiration? Sounds fishy to me. The crazy part about this video is she doesn’t make any excuses for herself and presents both sides of the executive/artistic staff and her own personal endeavors. So, what did we learn from this video? Miami City Ballet’s reputation of being progressive, and equal, and diverse is basically a facade.

Did you watch the video? What are your thoughts? 

7 responses to “Kathryn Morgan on her departure of Miami City Ballet”

  1. Watched some of it. What I don’t understand is the part about being told she wouldn’t “represent” the company well by dancing. What does that mean? People don’t want to see dancers that aren’t a size 0? That’s bizarre. Some of the most famous ballerinas in history were not thin. For the lack of a better term: all sizes matter! I want to see an artist on stage not a certain body type.

    • I think that is the problem… I think that even though Miami City Ballet publicized that they were so excited to have her join, the real undertone is that they want “thin”….

  2. I just can’t believe how they treated her. Maybe the fit isn’t right, but why did they have to humiliate her in front of others? Inexcusable!

  3. MCB’s Artistic Director, and their Principal Ballet Mistress, spent many years at NYC Ballet, performing under “Mr. B” – so of course they expect and demand an anorexic Balanchine body type. But it was unbelievably cruel to deny Ms. Morgan her last performance opportunity, when her parents and family had travelled to see her.

    I watched the entire video, and kudos to Kathryn Morgan for telling it like it is, and leaving that toxic environment. She looked good in her video clips, so it is their loss. And I like her idea to tour on her own, mentoring the next generation of young dancers, and boost small ballet schools (like mine.)

  4. Being told she could take a leave of absence so they could keep her name on the roster? That really makes it sound they were using her for her name, following, and publicity. Let’s face it. Dancers are used for their bodies but this goes beyond that. She was a publicity stunt that unfortunately highlights bigger issues within Miami City Ballet. Eight dancers choosing to leave is not on KM. That is on the Artistic staff.

  5. This is terrible! She looked wonderful in the videos and it was their loss in not allowing her to dance. I’m tired of the too thin ballerina look. I’d rather look at someone who looks healthy and technically strong. Shame on Miami City Ballet!